Part-time Marketing Assistant

Part-time Marketing Assistant

Part time marketing assistant

Part time jobs like this don’t come along often. 

We are offering ultimate flexibility to work with an expanding, twenty two year old business.  A job with lots of hands-on marketing and opportunities to demonstrate your skills and ability, yet a schedule that you can tailor around your lifestyle.  Whilst we need you for eight hours a week now, that can rise (by agreement) as you become more involved with the business.

Most of the time you’ll be working from our modern office in Bury St Edmunds, but if you need to – work from home is occasionally an option.  Much of your work needs to be done during office hours but some can be done out of hours.

Your focus

As Marketing Assistant, you will be responsible for generating leads for our sales team to work on.

The Job

Your work will include:

  • Helping to prepare the marketing plan
  • Maintaining and getting the best from our modern WordPress website
  • Keeping the news page up to date
  • Undertaking search engine optimisation
  • Managing improvements to the website – using split testing and monitoring Google analytics
  • Exploiting PR opportunities
  • Editing and distributing monthly email newsletter using Mailchimp
  • Managing the agency running our pay per click advertising
  • Devising and carrying out direct marketing campaigns
  • Coming up with other forms of marketing you think would generate leads

About you

You don’t need to have had marketing experience, but it would help.  You’ll be trained to do your tasks.  What is most important is you’re eager to do your best.  You can be a recent graduate or school leaver.  Your former teachers, colleagues and managers consider you to be an excellent employee and you’re intelligent and resourceful.

You’re polite and friendly but you get the job done.  You’re efficient and able.  You write well and you have excellent attention to detail.  You like to complete tasks and don’t like to leave things undone.  You learn quickly and consider yourself good with computers.  You’re methodical and love to be organised.  Above all else, you’re extremely reliable. When you say you’ll do something, it happens.

You are probably going to live within about 30 minutes of Bury St Edmunds and whilst you might have another part time job, it can be fairly flexible, so you can fit in with our monthly team meetings.

About Expert Labels Limited

Our company sells high quality labels and label printers to loyal customers across the UK.  We have a strong set of values, that are important to us, and a friendly, positive culture.

You’ll be part of a team of 7 where you’ll be appreciated and valued.  You’ll see the work you do achieve results you can be proud of.

How to apply

To apply for this job, you’ll need to send your CV, along with a covering letter addressed by name to the managing director (because you’re a strong candidate I expect you’ll be able to find that out yourself). In your covering letter you’ll explain why you’re a great fit for this job and what values are important to you as a person.

Part of our recruitment process involves you organising reference calls with previous managers and colleagues.  In the event you’re a recent graduate then with managers from part time jobs you’ve had, lecturers or teachers.

Good luck and we look forward to working with you.

Please note, we don’t work with recruitment agencies.



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