10 things about Claire but were too afraid to ask


10 things about Claire but were too afraid to ask


Claire Sadler joined Expert Labels in January.  Her job is to talk to customers and answer their label, printer and scanner questions. Here are ten things you wanted to know about Claire but were too afraid to ask.

Claire Sadler at Expert Labels
Claire Sadler

Claire …

    1. Has a husband who has a fully functioning pub in their garage!  (At least one person had benefited from pubs closing down)
    2. Worked for ten years in financial services, helping customers with their insurance claims and loans
    3. Has a four year old son who has a girlfriend called Molly Ava
    4. Has a two year old son called Alex who is already a chocoholic
    5. Was born and bred in Suffolk
    6. Has been married for six years
    7. The wedding car Claire arrived at the church in was used in The Mummy Returns movie
    8.  Was trained as a frame stylist (she helped customers at an opticians choose glasses)
    9. Has never had any dental work done and has a perfect smile
    10. Enjoys spending the weekend with her husband and two children beside the seaside



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