Sales & Marketing Graduate Programme

Not sure what you want to do with your degree? 

Our Graduate Training Programme will give you a broad taste of the main areas of commerce, in a small business setting.  Get the experience you need to build a career you’ll love. 

By the end of our scheme, you’ll be able to operate and grow a small trading business.

Choosing a career and discovering what journey you want to follow is not easy.  The truth of the matter is that you’ll only find out through experience and that’s what you’ll get from our Graduate scheme.

Expert Labels is a small company.  We fully accept that might put off some people, but many people realise the unique benefits you get when you work in a small organisation.

Bigger is (not always) better

Places on large, corporate training programmes are highly sought after, but working in a small, growing business like ours has unique advantages:

  • You’re a big cog in a small machine – your voice is heard and you get a say.
  • You can affect big change.  The projects you work on can make a disproportionate difference to a small business and to your work.
  • In a small business you’re not just a number.  In big business, a corporate restructure could, through no fault of yours, mean your number comes up and your job disappears.
  • Counter-intuitively, you get paid more in small business – if you’re a top performer.  You’re not locked into pay grade progression and hierarchies.  Great employees get paid what they’re worth – small business can’t afford to lose top performers.
  • We’re flexible and nimble and don’t follow cumbersome, corporate policies.  This means we can adapt to your ideas, needs and those of our customers in a way big corporates can’t.
Flexibility to work where you want to.

Millions of Opportunities

If you believe opportunities in a small business are limited, consider this:

  • In 2019, 99.3% of businesses in the UK employed fewer than fifty people.
  • A graduate leaving the Expert Labels Graduate Training Scheme will have more than a million other opportunities in businesses just like ours if they choose. 
  • Small companies feel uncomfortable hiring people with big business experience – they want people with small business experience who understand them.

That’s not to say we want you to leave – we want your talents for years into the future – but we understand the security of having employment options.

About Expert Labels

Our reason for existing is to help organisations identify things. Here are some of our better known clients.

Some of our better known clients

Expert Labels have been around since 1994 helping customers all over the UK (and a handful overseas) to:

  • Find sustainable and biodegradable labelling and packaging
  • Present their products with beautiful eye-catching labels.
  • Design and implement labelling systems that gather data and print using specialist label printers.
  • Use our knowledge to help our clients use advanced labelling technology (QR codes and NFC tags) to engage with their customers.
  • Help clients to use their printers and software to design labels.
Helping our customers with beautiful, eye catching labels

We want to grow and we need high quality people like you who want to learn how to run and grow a business.

Your Colleagues

People are what makes work enjoyable.  The team here at Expert Labels are here to help you learn and develop as quickly as possible. 

We believe in family and life outside work – but when we’re at work we are hard-working, reliable and conscientious.

Our culture is one of mutual respect, learning and experimentation.  We’re relaxed and flexible – keen to support you, safe in the knowledge that you have the best interests of our business at heart. 

Another key success factor is a team that is open and honest where everyone’s voice is heard. 

Graduate Scheme Placements

Placements are based at our office in Suffolk.  All three placements are full-time and last around six months – a total of 18 months.

One of the most valuable tasks in a business is recruiting excellent new team members. 

Throughout the three stages of the Graduate Scheme you’ll be involved in the training and recruitment of new people.  This might be keeping track of job applicants, assessing applications, working with interns or interviewing and assessing potential new team members.  You might help with contacting universities and managing the internship programme.

When applying – use reference GTP2023 on your covering letter.

Social Opportunities

We believe the strength of a team depends on the personal bonds between team members.  We also understand that ideas and improvements come about through chance encounters away from the desk. 

To encourage these chance encounters, we enjoy regular Friday drinks and opportunities to socialise.


Projects give you a chance to make a long term contribution to our business – in parallel to your day-to-day work.  Not only that, you’ll have some excellent material to add to your CV.  Projects provide an opportunity to take an idea and see it through to completion. 

Examples of projects include developing sales of a new product or opening up a new overseas market.  Others might include process improvements – such as setting up a new IT tool or creating a new training process. 

Many of these projects will grow into important parts of our operations or new products or markets.  Indeed, some will grow to a full time position or new business.

Support and Training

Self-Paced Learning Programme

When you join the graduate scheme you’ll be coached and mentored by your predecessor with extensive input from other members of the team.  As soon as possible, you’re given responsibility to do the job – working alongside your mentor.

We have a progressive, self-paced learning programme, where you learn skills to do your job.

Each week you’ll receive a one to one meeting with your mentor or the company owner.  This is where we discuss your progress, identify lessons learned and iron out any problems you might be experiencing.  You’ll receive feedback to help you develop in your role and with the team.

Once you’ve mastered your current role, you’ll start passing on your knowledge to junior members of the team.  This teaching not only helps your successor but firmly embeds your professional knowledge.

Another part of our culture is cross-support.  With all graduates learning all aspects of the business – we are able to support one another in the event of illness or if you are having to take time off.

After The Scheme

The Expert Labels Graduate Scheme is a permanent position with us.  The goal of this scheme is to prepare you for working permanently with us.  At the end of the scheme you can:

  • Take on a permanent business development or marketing role.
  • Develop a new product or service within Expert Labels
  • Apply for a vacancy in one of our other permanent positions (commerical services, Operations and professional services, finance or HR).
  • Work in a management role in a subsidiary business.
  • Taking your skills and working for us setting up international operations.

What We Are Looking For

  • A good degree – 2:1 or better.  We don’t mind what subject you studied.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Full driving licence.
  • Someone who is proactive, intelligent, ambitious, adventurous and friendly with a record of success at school, university or life.
  • Appreciates our values – Protecting the Environment, Service, Ambition, Team, Trust and Determination.

Joining Process

Congratulations for reading this far. We hope you like what you’ve seen.

  1. The first step is to apply through  Send your CV and tell us about what you’ve enjoyed about your studies, what hobbies and interests you have and what you learned from your degree.

    Tell us what makes you keen to work with us at Expert Labels and what skills you believe you can share with us.  Are there any placements on the scheme you’re particularly looking forward to working in?  Tell us what you’ve succeeded at in life.

  2. If we like what we see in your CV, we’ll arrange a call with one of the team.
  3. The next step will be to hold a longer virtual interview where you’ll have the opportunity to ask us more about the scheme, work and Expert Labels.
  4. After a virtual interview we’ll invite you to visit our office and meet the team.  If you like what you see and we think you’ll be a good fit for us, we’ll take up references. 
  5. References are a key part of our recruitment process and we will expect you to set up conversations with key people from your school and university education, not to mention managers from any part time or holiday employers. 

As you’re a great employee and student your previous teachers and managers will be only too pleased to talk to us!

Finally, with references taken up – we’ll send you a job offer and arrange a start date.

Updated 11 Aug 2023


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