Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of some the questions we have been asked over the 23 years we have been supplying labels.

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Do you sell Avery Labels?

No we don’t sell Avery labels – but we do sell labels that perform equally well.  Contact us to see what sizes we sell.

What’s the best printer for printing labels?

That’s like asking what’s the best car.  Different printers for different situations.  We wrote an article titled the best thermal label printers under £300.  Click here to read it.

Do you sell sheet labels?

Whilst the majority of the labels we sell come on rolls, we can and do supply sheet labels.  As almost all of our clients are businesses, we are not set up to supply small quantities of labels.

How long can I store labels?

This depends on a lot of things – temperature you’re storing labels at, the humidity it’s subjected to and if it’s packed in plastic or not.  Most spec sheets from the label material suppliers limit label life to 2 years, but we have seen labels that are five years or more being used.  We would suggest (and this isn’t a guarantee) that most labels will last around four years.

Can you get labels that work in a freezer?

Most label adhesives freeze solid and when they’re solid they stop sticking.  If you’re using labels in a freezer make sure you let us know and we can provide you with labels using an adhesive that works below freezing point.

How long do you take to make labels?

A large part of our range, the blank labels, are delivered next day, however, labels that need to be printed or cut to order can take up to ten working days.

Why do you send out order confirmations?

Just this week we had a situation where a client ordered a product and provided a purchase order with our product code on it.  Unfortunately the product description in the client’s email was different from our product code they used.  The order confirmation helps you check you’re getting what you ordered.

Where do I get a barcode for my retail product?

If you’re selling items through Amazon, eBay or pretty much any retailer then you need to put a barcode on your product.  If it’s a medical or healthcare product you also need barcodes.  We print your barcode but you need to provide us with a barcode number.  Barcode numbers are issued by GS1 – the global coordinator of barcodes.  Visit their website at and find out how you can buy your barcode numbers.


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