Cryogenic Labels


Cryogenic Labels

We supply laboratory and universities with ultra-low temperature cryogenic labels that are perfect for your laboratory testing.

These labels are manufactured using materials suitable for direct immersion into liquid nitrogen at -196°C and offer a cohesive bond high enough to withstand thermal shock, thereby eliminating the problem of delamination. This provides improved benefits for laboratories needing reliable label identification on plastic/ glass test tubes that will need to withstand long time cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen or deep freezing.

Cryogenic labels can be printed on by using either thermal transfer or laser printing methods. This avoids traditional labelling methods i.e. using a marker pen and, as a result, virtually eliminates human error caused by illegible marking or mislabelling. At the same time users are able to print very small batch numbers and detailed barcodes required for certain small vials and test-tubes, whilst ensuring 100% of the information is maintained.

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