Labels for Food and Beverage Packaging


Labels for Food and Beverage Packaging

Whether it’s fruit, vegetables, confectionery, baked goods, vinegars, preserves, oils, soft drinks or frozen foods, chances are, a label is needed on your packaging. We can help with all of these and more.

For small label runs, of fewer than 5,000 full colour paper labels, our digital label service is what you need.  Competitively priced at £240 for quantities of one to 5000 labels, we have dozens label sizes (suitable for bottles) to choose from.  If you need a very specific label size, then we can provide you with a custom made label (at a small extra cost).  Our digital labels are generally varnished to provide a high quality finish, that will make your label stand out and enhance your brand.  If you need label with gold and silver foil finishes or personalisation, ask us for a quote.

Label Designs

Do you need a design to go on the label to help your brand stand out? We have a design team who can create a bespoke label design for you.  To find out more click here.

Beverage Labels

Be it soft drink in a 500ml bottle or carbonated 2 litre bottles, we can supply the perfect labels for you.

Chilled Food Labels

The main requirement for labels suitable for chilled foods is the label adhesive. Similar to our freezer friendly labels, we can supply labels suitable for a refrigerated environment, ensuring your label stays intact and legible.

Frozen Food Labels

Our labels are suitable for pre-packaged frozen foods that can withstand temperatures of down to -40 degrees Celsius and therefore suitable for all types of freezer conditions.

Above are just three examples, but here at Expert Labels we can help with any type of label you need. Give us a call today on: 01359 271 111 to speak to one of our Experts. Alternatively, please fill out a form below and we will contact you.


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