Buy Your Barcode Labels Online

Buy Your Barcode Labels Online

Buy your barcode labels online from us, the label printing company with the expertise you need. We’ll take the jargon out of printing barcodes and help you choose the right retail barcodes for your labels.

Just tell us your barcode number and let us sort out if it’s a EAN13, GTIN or a GS128s.   

Don’t need barcodes but a sequential number or text? Perhaps just product serial number labels – We can help.

If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for – contact us.

Look at the different labels you can buy, choose a size that suits and order securely online with the order form at the bottom of the page.

Print from a Spreadsheet

If you’ve got a spreadsheet of products with barcode numbers and descriptions we can use that to print your labels.  Upload your spreadsheet in the order form below and we will take your data and turn it into labels. 

There is a £25 charge to do this.

If you have a simple sequence or just a handful of barcodes to print, you won’t need a spreadsheet.

Variable Quantities of Labels

Some of your products sell better than others, so you need different quantities of labels – not a problem.

On your order form, upload a spreadsheet which includes the quantity you want and we’ll print them. 

Barcode list including label quantities

Retail or Amazon Barcode Labels

Printed Barcode Label with 2 lines

We print retail, Amazon and stock control barcode labels for people every day. 

The usual size for a barcode is 38mm wide by 25mm tall.  You can usually include one or two lines of text, depending on how short you want your barcode. 

No need to send us barcode designs, just include the barcode numbers in your spreadsheet or on the order form and our designers will create the barcode image.

Estimate label prices (Exc. VAT):

  • 8.5p per barcode label if you order 1,000 labels
  • 2.3p if you order 5,000.

Complete your order form for an exact price. 

All our labels are only printed in black on white.

Rack or identification Labels

Let us print your rack numbers or location IDs.  We can sequentially number your codes – even include aisle lettering if you need it.

Choose a size of label large enough so a large barcode can be printed so it.  The larger the barcode, the further away it can be read from.

Select a plastic material that can be wiped clean and will last a long time

Include any text you want to include in the label. 

All our labels are only printed in black on white.

QR Code Labels

QR Code labels

Use us to print your QR code labels. 

QR codes are extremely versatile and can contain website addresses, photos, address details, map references – read more here.

Use the QR code reader on your phone and scan the code in this photo! 

Choose the size and material you need.  Include any text you want to include in the label.

All our labels are only printed in black on white

Online Label Printing Service Prices

Please Note:

    1. We charge a £75.00 design, set-up, testing, proofing, printing and re-rolling fee.
    2. If you are providing a database (i.e. Excel spreadsheet, CSV, TXT or Access database file) there is a £25.00 cost for setting up that data with the label. 
    3. The minimum quantity of labels you can order is 1,000.  You are welcome to order fewer but we will charge you for 1,000 labels.
    4. Your label quantity needs to be rounded up to the next 1,000 labels – so if you need 1,250 labels, you will need to order 2,000.
    5. Please contact us for special pricing if you need more than 20,000 labels.
    6. We add £10.00 for shipping your labels.


You want 150 standard sized barcode labels (38mm x 25mm labels) over 10 different barcode numbers = 1500 labels. 

Cost would be:    £75 design, setup, proofing and printing.
£10 delivery
2 x £8.56 for the labels

Total price £102.12 plus VAT

Label Prices

Description£ per 1,000
Paper Labels
37mm x 67mm paper label with permanent adhesive£15.56
38mm x 25mm paper label with permanent adhesive – ideal for standard retails barcode labels£8.56
50mm x 40mm paper label with freezer adhesive£10.40
51mm x 25mm paper label with peelable adhesive£14.00
51mm x 25mm paper label with freezer adhesive£10.28
57mm x 32mm paper label with permanent adhesive – good for a standard retail barcode with a few lines of text.£12.60
76mm x 51mm paper label with permanent adhesive perforated every label£11.34
100mm x 50mm paper label with permanent adhesive£10.58
102mm x 102mm paper labels with permanent adhesive perforated every label£28.00
102mm x 38mm paper label with permanent adhesive£12.22
102mm x 127mm paper label with permanent adhesive£38.56
102mm x 152mm paper label with permanent adhesive£44.96
Semi Gloss Paper
50mm x 16mm semi-gloss paper label with permanent adhesive£19.90
38mm x 25mm semi-gloss paper label with peelable adhesive£9.98
76mm x 25mm semi-gloss paper label with permanent adhesive£15.92
Plastic Labels
30mm x 15mm white plastic label with extreme low-temperature permanent adhesive£17.78
33mm x 53mm gloss white plastic label with permanent adhesive£27.70
51mm x 32mm gloss white plastic label with permanent adhesive£27.96
76mm x 25mm gloss white plastic label with permanent adhesive£26.04

If you need an exact size not listed here – email us here and tell us what you need.  We have hundreds more sizes and materials available with a couple of days notice.

Buy Your Barcode Labels Online

  1. Enter your contact details
  2. Select label material and size and complete payment details
  3. Enter barcode numbers or text and instructions (Optional)
  4. Upload logos or artwork (optional)
  5. Upload database (optional)
  6. Enter sequence instructions (optional)
  7. Tell us where you want your labels delivered to.

Note: Your credit card details are securely stored in compliance with Payment Card Industry data security standards.

Use this form if you are located in the UK.  If you are overseas (including Ireland) please contact us here.

For any label printing services, call us on 01359 271 111.

Updated 18 March 2021


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