9 Things About the Zebra ZT400 Printer

Zebra zt400 series

9 Things About the Zebra ZT400 Printer

This is Zebra’s current high performance industrial grade thermal printer.  You’ll find it in factories and distribution centres – in fact anywhere that speed, strength and flexibility are needed.  It’s been out a while now and if you’ve got a Zebra ZM400 industrial printers, this is the replacement.  If you’re replacing your ZM400, just plug in your new Zebra ZT400 – no need for different software.  Call us to find out how to make the switch.

Here’s A Quick Run-Down on the Zebra ZT400 Series.

1.  These printers come in two print widths: 4 inches or 6 inches.  Print more labels at the same time with a wider printer.

2.  The ZT400 prints at a very creditable 12 inches per second or 14 inches per second depending on the width and resolution of your printer.  This is incredibly fast.  Desktop printers print at a mere 4 inches per second.

3.  Connects to your host computer or network using USB, Serial, Bluetooth or Ethernet as standard.  No added extras needed.

4.  Has an option to connect via Wifi also.

5.  Choice of print resolutions: 203dpi, 300dpi or for those extra tiny labels you find on medical devices or electronics – 600dpi.  Not sure what dpi is?  Read our labelling jargon buster.

usb socket on a Zebra zt400
USB socket on the Zebra ZT400

6.  Handy USB connection on the front of the printer.  Use the connection to plug in a keyboard or barcode scanner, download a label format to the printer and print your labels.  No need for a computer.

7.  Improved, more straight forward interior, for easier label and ribbon changes.  It even has tiny lights that light up the printer interior.

8.  Cloud connectable – means you can print from anywhere you have an internet connection. For example, scan a barcode with a bluetooth scanner, watch the label print and know the data is stored somewhere on the web.

9.  Bi-Fold door so you can use it in those tight corners in your factory. If you look at this picture – the printer on the right (a ZM400) has a standard door and the ZT410 on the left has the bi-folding door.

Zebra ZT400 Costs

Expect prices to start at around £750 (plus VAT) and rise to £1600 for the RFID printing version.

Next Steps

Would you like to know more about this printer?  Contact us to order or find out more.

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