BarTender Basic


BarTender Basic

BarTender is a very powerful tool to use within your business.  Whether you’re a small to medium business or a large corporation, BarTender has different editions to suit your needs: BarTender Basic, BarTender Professional, BarTender Automation and BarTender Enterprise Automation.

Today I would like to concentrate on BarTender Basic.  Here’s a list of key features the Basic edition includes:

  • Design your labels and tags in any custom size, shape and colour
  • Include flexible fonts, graphics, barcodes and images
  • Print over a hundred different 1D and 2D barcode designs
  • Include serial numbers and simple sequencing labels, tags and cards.
  • Set up data entry forms that pop up at print time and prompt the user to enter information such as product codes or dates
  • Optimise print speed to any printer or marking device
  • You buy one licence for each PC you install BarTender on.

You will see that BarTender Basic has lots to offer.  You might even be thinking too much for what you’re needs are!  Don’t be put off by the long list of features, BarTender Basic can be used for printing a basic barcode label as and when you need to.  

But what happens when your company grows? You might find that you need to include different serial numbers or use data entry forms.  BarTender Basic is perfect for this. It’s the lowest cost edition of the software and worth every penny in our opinion. As your company grows, you need your label software to grow with you.  Buying new software as you expand is not only a waste of money but of time and effort too. Get it right from the start and allow BarTender to boost your business and assist with the smooth running of day to day operations.

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