Cryogenic Labels


Cryogenic Labels

labelled sample tubes for cryogenic treatment

❄️Don't get caught out in the cold❄️

If you work in a laboratory, or an industry that requires Cryogenic Labels, then you know how important it is to have a reliable product. Exposing the wrong type of label to extreme cold can shock the material, leading to your label peeling off, resulting in the loss of critical information. 

Imagine trying to locate one of the hundreds of biological samples in cold storage, but the key sample information has peeled away. Not only could that cost you time, money or credibility, but it may also result in the loss of a customer and damage to your brand reputation.

How can I identify my frozen samples?

Expert Labels can find you a perfect match for your unique application. Can hand-written markings contain all your necessary info? Is it readable? Perhaps you would like to create a digital library by allocating a barcode to each individual sample. 

Can I freeze my labels?

Identifying the perfect type of label for your application is of paramount importance. Many labels may peel, smudge, crack or delaminate when exposed to extreme cold. Others may be fine in long-term cold storage, but fail when snap-frozen, or maybe you need identification that is robust enough to handle the dry-heat of an autoclave, as well as cryo-storage. If the key information is damaged, or otherwise illegible, the value of the sample will be lost.

What is label delamination?

During label manufacture, different layers are applied to each other to create the finished product. Use of the wrong type of label for your low-temperature applications risks the individual material components failing. This can mean the label can crack, smudge, bleed and, in some cases, the individual layers, such as the top-coat, facestock and adhesive can delaminate.

Label delamination is the failure of multiple labels layers, resulting in the layers separating away from each-other and the label peeling away. This can lead to wasted time, trying to identify a mystery vial, or find a specific sample belonging to a customer.

The strong, permanent adhesive on our Cryogenic Labels is chemically inert and ideal for any and all low-temperature applications that need to be clearly displayed and quickly identified.  They are easily applied, even to frozen surfaces, such as sample tubes, vials, metal racks or beakers stored in liquid nitrogen.

How do I print cryogenic labels?

Cryogenic Labels are available on rolls for in-house printing using a thermal transfer printer, or alternatively they can be provided on laser printed sheets, to better fit with more conventional printing techniques.

Both roll or sheet-formatted labels can hold detailed information such as batch numbers and barcodes, maintaining 100% of the information even if printed using very small font sizes. They can even be branded. The print is smudge-resistant and guarantees exceptional quality of logos, text or barcode images. Switching to cryogenic labels will help to eliminate human error caused by illegible handwriting, or mislabelled samples.

We'll help you find the perfect match for your unique application.

Our Cryogenic Labels offer a durable bond and are able to withstand the cold of dry ice and dunking into liquid nitrogen at -196°C. This is ideal for the reliable recognition of sample containers undergoing long-term deep freezing or other cryogenic treatment. They come in dot and rectangular shapes, in a range of differing sizes, so we will be able to easily match the perfect product to your labelling needs.

These products are ideal for forensic, biomedical, environmental and agricultural laboratory applications. For any laboratory or industry that works with temperature-sensitive or biological material, these Cryogenic Labels show great chemical and temperature resistance. As well as extreme cold, they can withstand the heat of autoclaves. Perfect if your application cycles through several contrasting temperatures.

As always, we are here to help. If you have a question, or specific requirement you would like to discuss with us, cryogenic or not, please get in touch with our. Email or call us on 01359 271 111, we’d love to hear from you.


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