GoDex Printers a huge range, at very competitive prices


GoDex Printers a huge range, at very competitive prices

A few months ago we started selling a new brand of label printers – made by a company called GoDex. GoDex are a specialist printer maker – and they’ve been making them for over 20 years. Over the years they’ve been collecting feedback from customers in order to make the world’s best label printers.

The GoDex printer range is expansive to say the least. There are over 25 different printers models in the desktop range alone. GoDex printers include simple and reliable 2” direct thermal barcodes printers, through to new generation, 6” high efficiency; touch screen industrial barcode printers for the most demanding of printer needs. Godex also sell label applicator that will apply the labels you’ve just printed and external label rewinders.

What GoDex have been working on is building printers can be used in stand-alone mode without the need for a computer. Unlike other brands of printers, you can plug in a standard USB keyboard, saving hundreds of pounds.

As we’ve seen touch screen appear on phones, computers – even cars, these printers are supplied with touch screen panels for intuitive and easy operation. They also have a set of computer and network connections – USB, serial and Ethernet ports.

If you’d like to know more about these printers, call us on 01359 271 111 or email sales@labelproducts.co.uk.

GoLabel – powerful, yet free, label design software

One of the most important features that we are interested in, for you, our customers was GoLabel software, which is included for free with all GoDex printers. What sets it apart from competing software is first – it’s free and second it’s able to communicate with databases (something the free competitors aren’t able to do). GoLabel is:

  • Simple to use because of it easy operating interface and intuitive icons
  • Print a large variety of 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Print through network
  • User interface supporting 21 languages
  • Ability to edit barcodes, graphics, texts and images
  • Standalone application
  • Easy switch between printer command and barcode images
  • Unlike other free software, GoLabel connects to different databases:- SQL/Access/Oracle/Excel/Text/DBF


How we used a standalone printer

We used it for a project where a standalone printer was needed. We were able to use the GoLabel (that was included for free with the printer) to design a label, then download the label design to the printer and using the touch screen we could scan data and print labels without having a computer connected to the printer.

Call us on 01359 271 111 if you want to know more about the GoDex range of printers.


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