Heat Resistant Labels


Heat Resistant Labels

High temperature or heat resistant labels are labels that can be used at temperatures over 150 degrees C (and in some cases, up to 1,650C). They come in different colours and finishes (gloss, silver metallic etc.).  All can be pre-printed with a logo and text and can be overprinted with variable information such as serial numbers, batch codes or barcodes.

Not All Heat Resistant Labels are the Same

High temperature labels (sometimes known as heat resistant or heatproof stickers) have different characteristics and won’t all perform the same way.  For example, some label materials can withstand prolonged high temperatures whilst others will only work at high temperatures for short periods.  Not all labels can be applied at high temperatures and thought needs to be given to how much rubbing or abrasion is likely to be encountered.

Heat resistant labels may also need to survive multiple reheating cycles.  Other things to bear in mind are the method of applying the labels to the material.  Thermal transfer ribbons (inks) need to be carefully matched to the label and should be tested.  For expert advice on what labels tags and ribbons work best, contact us.  Please note we can only supply UK based organisations.

Keen to Test Some Labels?

We provide a sample service for high temperature labels so you can test them on your products and under your conditions.  If you are UK based, fill in the sample request form (on the right of this page) and we will send you some high temperature label material.

High Temperature Label Products

MaterialTemperature rangeConsiderations
PET and Polyester labels-40 to 150CThese labels can be applied by hand and printed with a standard thermal transfer printer using resin ribbons.
Polyimide (Kapton(r))-40 to 350CThese labels can be applied by hand.  These are specified to resist temperatures up to 240C for up to 80 minutes and as much as 300C for 5 minutes.  The labels can be printed with a standard thermal transfer printer using resin ribbons.
HP-T400 to 450CThe HP-T40 material is in Tag form and is not adhesive.  They can be nailed, bolted or clipped into place to identify items.  These tags use a special thermal ink ribbon for printing.
CBR-CX2T20c to 1250CThese labels are specially made to order.  They can be variable printed on site using a special thermal printer ribbon.  They need to be applied using a special label applicator.  These adhesive labels use a special thermal ink ribbon for printing.
Ceramic0 to 1650CThese labels are made from a special ceramic material that can be over printed with special thermal ink ribbon and a standard thermal transfer printer (such as a Zebra, Datamax O’neil or Godex printer).  They are all made to order and have a lead time of 3 or 4 weeks.  These ceramic heat proof labels come in three forms – full ceramic tags, ceramic labels applied to steel base-plates and ceramic labels that can be applied to different materials – such as glass and metal.


Availability of Heat Resistant labels

Many of our heat resistant labels, when combined with an approved thermal ink ribbon are automotive and UL approved.

Please remember, high temperature and heatproof labels are specialist labels and are not widely available.   There are a limited number of label dimensions available from stock.  Please contact us to see what is available from stock.

Heat Resistant Labels
Heat Resistant Labels

Additionally we can make to order and over print for you,  but please bear in mind, whilst we are able to supply smaller quantities than most of our competitors, these high temperature materials are high cost and generally have minimum order quantities. We would be very pleased to discuss your project requirements so please contact us to find out more.

High Temperature and Heat Resistant Labels – Questions to Consider:

  • Why are the labels or tags being applied? (traceability, stock control or tracking)
  • What is the maximum temperature does your label needs to survive?  For how long?
  • At what temperature will your label be applied?
  • Does the label or tag need to be heated and cooled many times?
  • What material will the label be attached to?
  • Will it be rubbed?
  • Will any chemicals be applied to the label?
  • What needs to be printed on the label?
  • How will the labels be applied to the item?

If you need high temperature labels, speak to one of our labelling experts today call 01359 271 111. Alternatively, if you are UK based, please request a sample pack by filling in the sample request form or email us from our contact us page.  Not all the label materials are available as samples.

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