Introducing the Zebra ZT600 – Zebra’s New Top of the Range Label Printer


Introducing the Zebra ZT600 – Zebra’s New Top of the Range Label Printer

Zebra 140xiII Thermal Printer
In the beginning… there was the Zebra 140xi

Zebra, the 800lb gorilla of the world of barcode printing, is making a big change.  After a quarter of a century, they’re ditching their faithful, top of the range, ‘Xi’ family of printers.    The most recent incarnation of the Xi series, the Xi-4, was designed to print all the time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all year round.  It was tough and powerful – with lots of features and legendary durability. But the Xi4 is history.  From now on, the new king of the Zebras is the Zebra ZT600.


So What’s So Special About the Zebra ZT600?

The ZT600 is Very Reliable

The ZT600 keeps the Xi’s commitment to durability.  It too is built from metal so it can take the punishment and keep going.  It too works in high humidity and at extremes of temperature.  Zebra’s ZT600 is designed to be the most reliable label printer you can buy.Zebra ZT600-Series

Ribbon and Label Loading on the ZT600 has Been Improved.

ZT600 label path
ZT600 label path

Loading the Xi printers was never easy.  It was fiddly – no one liked doing it, imagine an assault course for labels.  Zebra countered this shortcoming and built the ZT600 to be easier to load.  Other handy touches include coloured LED lighting to help guide you inside the case.



The Zebra ZT600 Works Better with Small Labels.

Small label printer with the ZT600
Small label printer with the ZT600

Zebra have put a lot of time and attention into printing small labels.  With the ZT600 printer range including a 600 dpi printer, small labels are now a speciality. Whilst 600dpi might not be out of the ordinary for laser or inkjet printers, for thermal transfer printers that’s a high resolution printer.  With Zebra’s engineers giving attention to refining label alignment and registration, the ZT600 is able to print labels as small as 3mm, a major bonus for electronic circuit board (PCB) labelling, micro components and medical devices.

Know What’s Happening with your ZT600 Printers

NFC Printing on the ZT600
NFC Printing

Zebra worked on helping you set up, troubleshoot and use your ZT600 more effectively.  They’ve included new sensors so you getter a richer picture of how your printer is performing.  New technologies help the printer play nicely with other computers so it’s easier to set up on your network.  With Zebra’s Link-OS built into the ZT600, you benefit from detailed remote updates, diagnostics and control from your own network or from the cloud.  In addition to Zebra’s Link OS, the ZT600 helps you take advantage of Mobile Device Management connectors to integrate your networked printers into AirWatch or SOTI Device Management systems.

The ZT600 is also connected to Zebra’s Operational Visibility Services.  Using OVS you can pull together service history and service contract information along with location and printer information, so you know where your printers are, what they’re doing and how well they’re being used.

Easily Upgrade your ZT600 in the Future.

No one knows what new technologies will come along and how their business processes will change, so you need a printer that is adaptable.  Easy access communication slots at the rear of your Zebra ZT600 mean it can be upgraded easily when new technology comes along, or you do things differently.  Built so RFID, rewinder and cutter modules can be changed on site, with the ZT600 you don’t have to return the printer to Zebra for changes.  Also, at last, Zebra’s top of the range printer has a USB socket for memory sticks and barcode scanners.

The Zebra Xi4 replacements

There isn’t a direct replacement for all the Xi4 printers.

  • 610 – is a 110mm wide printer – replacing the 110Xi4
  • 620 – is a 160mm wide printer – replacing the 140Xi4 and the 170Xi4
  • The 220 Xi4 isn’t going to be replaced and will soldier on as the top of the Zebra range of printers.

The ZT600 is available with a short lead time and prices start at around £1700 (plus VAT).  Prices change weekly, so contact us for an up-to-date price.  Want to see an alternative?  The Sato CL4NX  gives this printer a run for it’s money.

Want to see a ZT600?  Contact us and arrange to see one.



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