Let us put a full stop to your label typo troubles


Let us put a full stop to your label typo troubles

It’s a company’s nightmare. You’ve worked hard creating a new product, and you’ve finally got it on the shelves of Aldi or Tesco. But, one eagle-eyed customer spots a small but irritating mistake. There’s a label typo.  

Don’t panic, Expert Labels are the proof-reader you never had – we help our customers eliminate any label typo and present quality products.

With the world of social media, there is no place to hide as customers are very keen to point out a stray apostrophe or a misspelt word as the likes of Waitrose and Ribena have found out recently.

Can you find the typos on the products below?


Label typoLabel typo in Aldi’s wine selection

If you read the description carefully, you will spot that this bottle of Winking Owl goes well with “Asain cuisine and grilled meats.”

Of course, it should say “Asian cuisine” but a typo like this will result in the supplier having to reprint labels before their product can hit the Aldi shelves again.

Aldi were only aware of the mistake when a customer pointed it out to them on Twitter. This just highlights how errors can just slip through the net despite all the quality control processes.



A Teacher’s typo nightmare

Look away teachers, or anyone who can’t stand poor grammar.

Apostrophes are normally the common culprit when it comes to typos on labels. But, when you’re promoting a product for teachers, you’d like to think you’d get an A for grammar.

Waitrose were bombarded with messages about the mistake in the Canary Wharf store. Despite this, many are still complaining that the label hasn’t been changed with the correct grammar.


Label typo on wine labelDesign of wine label ruined by mistake

A designer would’ve spent a long time creating a label for this bottle of white wine.

However, one spelling mistake seems to be more enticing than the sophisticated logo and design.

The bottom of the label says: “Brimming with zesty lemon flavour and freah notes of apple.”

This small mistake really undermines the design of the label which tries to convey the product to be classy and cultured.

As with the first picture, the labels would need to be reprinted with the correct spelling. Costing the company time and money, not to mention damage to a carefully built brand.

Typo in water description

We’ve saved the hardest until last.

There’s a lot going on with this label design. But, in the small paragraph section you will see the phrase: “Preparation, that what you need.”

The large amount of writing on the label means that it would be harder to spot a mistake like that.

However, it didn’t get past one customer, who politely pointed out the label typo to Glaceau Water on Twitter.


These examples show how important it is to get your labelling right. Just a small mistake can undermine the hard work you’ve put in to create and design the project. It can mean you have to spend extra cash just to re-design and re-print labels – not to mention the hit your valuable brand takes.

Here at Expert Labels, proof-reading is all part of the service.  Before you approve your label, we carefully check spelling and grammar – preventing any of these calamitous typos getting to print.

Let us work with you to make your labels and your brand the best they can be – contact us and tell us about your project.


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