Strategies for Optimising Your Labelling System: Stage One.


Strategies for Optimising Your Labelling System: Stage One.

Optimised labelling is your destination
Destination: Organised Labels

As the head of operations, labels are a small, but critical part of your operation.  If labels are causing you a headache in – let me help guide you through optimising your labelling – build a fast and efficient labelling system that you can be proud of.  Imagine a labelling system that’s efficient and accurate. A system that takes data from your ERP system and produces labels with barely any human input. Labelling that’s efficient and easy.

Let’s look at how we can improve your label printing process.

Assess Your Current Labelling System.

The first step in optimising your label workflow is assessing and evaluating your existing labelling system. 

  • Do you have any obvious improvements you can make? 
  • Where are you encountering errors and problems? 
  • What parts of your system are slow and tedious? 
  • Are there points at which data needs to be entered?
  • Which areas could potentially stop your operations? 

Getting a picture of the hardware and systems you use will also help set the scene.  What information feeds into your labels and where is that information coming from.  Assessing your labelling involves studying work and data flows. The study will involve talking to your team and mapping your labelling system.

We’ve got a whole set of questions that you can download here.  Answer what you can and send it back to us here for advice.

Streamlining Label Creation and Design.

  • Do your labels have to meet all of the needs of the stakeholders needs in your organisation?
  • Is marketing happy with each consumer facing label design?
  • Do your labels meet all of the regulatory requirements?
  • Could you use your labels to build engagement with customers?
  • Who designs labels in your organisation? Are there multiple people?  
  • Are there label design guidelines to help designers? 
  • Are your labels clear and consistent across the range of designs? 
  • Do you have software that maintains the central library of label designs?

Next Steps to Creating Optimised Labelling

Labelling operations, even in a small organisation with a handful of printers, can become complex.  When labels, ribbons, hardware, maintenance, software, data management and training are considered, the complexity soars.  

The more complex a process is, the greater scope there is for inefficiencies.

Pick up the phone or send an email and find out how we can help you build a worldclass labelling system you can be proud of.

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Useful Links

  1. GS1: An international non-profit organisation that develops and maintains global standards for product identification, including barcoding and labelling.

   – Website:


Last Updated: 10 Jul 2023


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