Overprinting peel and reveal labels

Peel and reveal labels

Overprinting peel and reveal labels

Peel and reveal labels are the answer to having limited label space but the need for printing lots of information (often because the law demands it).  With colour label printers, you’re able to print a beautiful eye catching label – on demand, but also meet the labelling law.  Using your own colour printer for overprinting peel and reveal labels so you can print your labels when you need them.  Find out how Expert Labels can help you.

As resellers of professional quality colour label printers such as the Epson Colorworks and Primera range of printers, we can help you find a printer that’s quick and easy to use, but more importantly can print excellent quality professional labels that meet your legal obligations.

Epson c3500
Epson Colorworks Printer

Combine that with blank labels specially designed for these printers – you can print just the right number of labels you need.  Additionally, if you need to change your label designs, use desktop software to make changes and print them there and then.

This is particularly important for suppliers of vaping and e-liquid products.  Use your design skills to make your own labels, create special lines of product and watch the sales go up.  Where you have a well established range, ask us to provide you with preprinted labels, including peel and reveal labels.  Where you’re needing to invest in professional labelling, but you don’t have an established range – on-demand colour printing is the answer.

Choose the Epson ColorWorks printer for overprinting peel and reveal labels on rolls – making it compatible with a wide range of lower cost blank labels.

Print your own designs onto our preprinted peel and reveal labels.  Peel and reveal labels are multi-page labels where layers are peeled off the reveal the label information.  Information can include different languages, usage information and warning text.  Have us print the standard information on the bottom sheets of your peel and reveal labels and you print the top layer.  That way you’re able to print the labels you need, when you need them but also include all the legal and customer information you need. 

Contact us to find out how you can overprint your own labels.

Testing Your Labels

Please note, with a wide range of printers and different label materials you will need to test your labels before committing to a production run. 

We can supply you with samples. 

What You Can Expect to Pay For Your Labels

With peel and reveal labels you will need a minimum quantity to make it financially viable. Typically 2,000 labels. Remember though, with digital labels – this can be 2,000 different labels.

We’ve written a handy article about how much to expect to pay for labels.  Read it here.

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Updated 3 Apr 2021


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