Simon Nicholson – Trainee Business Manager


Simon Nicholson – Trainee Business Manager

Simon joined the company in September 2018 after graduating from the University of Kent with a Sports Management degree.

Here are 11 things you probably don’t know about Simon:

  1. Simon can tell you the difference between a 1D and 2D barcode.  Whether it’s a QR Code or a GTIN13, he can explain the difference.
  2. He is a very skilled Futsal player.  Never heard of Futsal? – I’m not surprised.  It’s a South American version of 5-a-side football.
  3. Simon can design and print labels using BarTender software.  He’s currently learning how to use the Librarian feature and in the very near future will be quite an expert.
  4. Simon is an accomplished cricketer – undertaking international cricket tours.
  5. Simon is one of those rare people who actually gets a healthy amount of sleep.
  6. Simon has printed tens of thousands of labels since he started working for us.  He has first hand experience of designing labels, choosing the best thermal ribbons and using label rewinders.
  7. Simon can advise you on how to print your peel and reveal labels.
  8. He knows all the right questions to ask you about your thermal printer project.  If you’re not sure what label printer would be best for you, call him and let him talk you through all the options available.
  9. Grew up in Newmarket, Suffolk and as with everyone in Newmarket – has connections with the horse racing industry.
  10. Like Ed Sheeran, Simon is an avid Tractor Boy (Ipswich Town FC supporter) who tries to get down to Portman Road to watch games whenever he can.
  11. Simon is a keen traveller who enjoys city breaks and exploring new places.

Simon is a very welcome new member of our team.  If you’d like to talk to him about your label printing project – feel free to contact us and ask for Simon.


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