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Seagull Scientific bartender label design Software

BarTender by Seagull Scientific

Simple to use label design software with a powerful enterprise engine.

  • Add text, barcodes and graphics to your label in two or three clicks
  • Easily connect different databases to your labels and streamline your label printing
  • Password protect label designs from accidental ‘damage’
  • Use forms for data entry at print time and keep label printing simple
  • Use BarTender to help you design barcodes – no technical knowledge needed.
  • Super powerful Automation and Enterprise editions let you create label workflows, share label templates, control user permissions and print automatically based on data entry anywhere in the organisation.
  • Works with any label printer (unlike some other label designers).
  • MS Windows only.

Prices from £299 plus VAT.

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Zebra Designer label design Software

ZebraDesigner Pro

The basic version of ZebraDesigner is included with all Zebra printer.

  • Pro version includes integration with simple databases.
  • Print to RFID labels.
  • Designed to work only with Zebra thermal label printers.
  • MS Windows only.

Prices from £145 plus VAT.

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Nicelabel label design softwareNiceLabel

NiceLabel is one of the leading dedicated label design programs.

  • Three versions for small businesses, medium sized business (with IT departments) and large multi-site organisations.
  • Integrates with ERP systems.
  • MS Windows only.

Prices from £235 plus VAT.

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Expert labels are specialists in providing printers, labels, barcode scanners and software.  We:

  • Help you choose the best label design software and
  • Provide support you when you need it
  • Offer set-up training – remotely or on site and can create your label designs for you if needed.
  • Provide an integration service for clients wanting to print directly from ERP and large corporate systems.

Expert Labels

  • Have been supplying labels, tags, tickets, barcode scanners and printers since 1994
  • Use label design software to design and print labels in house
  • Have a close working relationship with Software houses to implement label printing integrations
  • Are trusted by many of Europe’s best known companies to delivery on time and to exacting standards of quality
  • Stand by our products with a money back guarantee

We work with organisations who appreciate a supplier who provides end-to-end printing and scanning expertise.

Some of Our Clients…

Some of the hundreds of clients who trust us for their labels, printers and scanners.


Expert Labels

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