Bottle & Drink Labels


Bottle & Drink Labels

Bottle and drink labels are slightly different to standard labels.  These types of label often carry the company brand and need to stand out on a crowded supermarket shelf.  To make your bottle labels stand out, you can use a range of features, known in the trade as ’embellishments’. 

Hot Foil or Hot Foil Stamping

Hot Foils are metallic foils that make your labels look metallic.  Silver and gold are the most frequent colours we’re asked for, but bronze and copper are available along with other metallic finishes.

Elegant Cosmetics Branding
Metallic effect on Cosmetics Branding

Touch is particularly powerful when it comes to building a brand and we can help you build that intimate relationship with your buyer by using these printing techniques and label finishes that make your products stand out are:

Embossed labels

This is where labels are printed using a special tool which raises specific areas of text or a logo on a label.

Embossed labels

High-build bottle labels

High Builds are similar to embossing where an area of the label has a thick varnish type material added to it which makes parts of the bottle label literally stand out.  This is usually done over a logo but can be done anywhere on the label.

High Build on a label
An area of High Build on a bottle label.

If you need any type of bottle or jar labels, we can help you. Your labels are made from a wide range of materials and colours i.e. waterproof materials, Crystal Clear, Matte Clear and Gloss White.

Give your labels the feel of quality with some of these label embellishments.  Give us a call or fill in the form below to find out more from our experts today.

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Updated: 28 Oct 2019


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