Your Guide to Desktop Barcode Label Printers


Your Guide to Desktop Barcode Label Printers

Desktop barcode label printers are generally small printers suited to printing fewer labels. Being made with plastic cases these printers tend to be best suited to office, laboratory and hospitality situations not factory or warehouse settings.

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Common uses for desktop barcode label printers are:

  • address and shipping labels,
  • asset labels,
  • product labels,
  • wrist-bands
  • outer case labels
  • lab and specimen labels
  • restaurant tickets and
  • receipts.

Desktop printers versus larger industrial printers.

Industrial and desktop barcode label printers

These printers, as the name suggests, are smaller in size than industrial printers.  These small thermal printers are designed to work in smaller spaces and print fewer labels than their bigger cousins.  Desktop barcode printers also tend to be less durable – made from plastic not metal. Being smaller and generally less powerful means desktop printers cost less.  Desktop printers print the same size and quality of labels as industrial printers (with a few exceptions), just fewer of them.

Expected duty cycle for Desktop Barcode Label Printers

Whilst it’s difficult to give an exact number of labels they’re designed to cope with (because labels differ in size) desktop printers are capable of printing on and off for an hour or so a day.  That might be a couple of hundred labels each day.  We typically supply retailers who print price labels, or a small business printing courier labels.  Other examples would be small manufacturers printing product labels two or three times a week.

Desktop Thermal Printers are Best Suited to:

  • Small spaces
  • Printing a few hundred labels a week
  • Printing labels, receipts or tickets less than 110mm wide

Printer Options and Accessories

Desktop printers can be fitted with cutters, RFID encoders and can be supplied with external rewind units.  To find out more call us or email from our contact page.

Expert Labels supply a wide range of different printer brands.  We supply the larger brands like Zebra, Toshiba TEC, Datamax O’neil and Intermec from stock.  Less well-known (but equally versatile and useful) such as TSC, Sato and Godex printers are also available with short delivery times.  Call us on 01359 271 111 to discuss your exact needs – or printing challenges and we’ll be happy to advise.

Expert Help and Advice

Unlike online barcode supermarket style sites – you get to speak to people with decades of experience with barcode printers and labels.  Call us and be confident you’re getting friendly, expert advice.

Expert Labels also support you with replacement parts, optional extras, accessories and software and service.  Ask us about service options on desktop printers.  When you buy a new printer you’re able to get three year service cover, which includes replacement printheads on certain printer brands.

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