Fan-Fold Labels


Fan-Fold Labels

Fanfold labels offer the benefit of lying flatter than typical, rolled barcode labels. A compatible printer can hold more continuous fanfolded labels than their rolled counterpart, allowing for less frequent roll changes during high volume applications.

Fan-fold labels are usually positioned behind or below the printer and fed into the printer through a slot at the back or in the base of the printer. There are some advantages of using fan-fold labels with thermal transfer / direct thermal barcode label printers instead or labels in roll format.

For example; fan-fold labels do not need cores so cost can work out lower than roll labels. It is often likely that you will get more labels in each carton because fanfold labels are more densely packed and fit better in rectangular cartons.

Fanfold labels benefits

  • No use of cores leads to less waste.
  • More labels per box as fan folded label, tags & tickets are more densely packed.
  • Reduced storage space required.
  • Improved printer uptime through less roll changes.
  • Thicker card tags & tickets do not suffer from curl as the stock is always flat.


Fanfold label printers

Printers such as Zebra, Toshiba Tec, TSC and Datamax will allow the user the option to utilise fanfold labels, tags and tickets for overprinting. Most printers now use friction feed rather than sprocket holes, although we can produce sprocket hole labels if required.

If you’re interested in fan-fold labels (4”x1”, 4”x2”, 4”x4”, 4”x6”, 4”x6.5” or 4”x8” fanfold labels), direct thermal or with thermal transfer, fanfold label printer or zebra fanfold labels – give one of our Experts a call today for a quote or a free sample on: 01359 271 111.

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