Booklet and Fold out Labels

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Booklet and Fold out Labels

Known as booklet, multi-page, foldout or extended labels – these are a great solution when the pack is not large enough for a single label to carry all the required information.  Booklet labels are often preferred to separate leaflets, which can easily be lost and take up more space on the product.

These labels are frequently seen on agricultural, chemicals and consumer pharmaceuticals.  Over recent years they have become a practical way to streamline labelling so that multiple languages can be included in just one label – making packaging much easier.

Examples booklet label prices

Not Peel & Reveal Labels

These are not to be confused with Peel & Reveal labels.  Visit our peel & reveal labels here.  Peel & Reveal labels are a more simple label with a hinge and up to a maximum of five pages (five leaves).  There are also limitations on the size of Peel & Reveal labels – they can’t be too large. 

Our labels can be printed as genuine booklet labels – with up to 32 double side printed leaves.  Booklet labels can be stapled or glued together at the spine.

Over-printing the top page with unique information (such as batch code or use by date) can be done with thick booklet labels – check with us to see how thick.

Booklet Labels - rectangular
Multi-page booklet labels

Booklet labels can be called:

  • Leaflet Labels
  • Foldout Labels
  • Extended Content Labels
  • Expanded Content Labels
  • Multi-Panel Labels
  • Multi-Ply Labels
  • Page Labels
  • Multi-Page Labels
  • Expansion Labels

Fold-Out Label Uses

There are many uses for booklet labels –

  • The display of Multilingual Text Information on products reducing language specific reprints of packaging
  • Display government required regulatory and legal information
  • Display of promotional coupons and vouchers
  • Product instructions and user advice
  • Direct Mail promotion
  • Promotional campaigns

Example Costing

Booklet labels are complicated pieces of engineering, using specialist (and expensive machinery).  The result is a label that costs significantly more than alternative labels (like Peel & Reveal).

It is also very dependant on the quantity of labels printed (as with all labels).  

Example prices

  • 8-page 45mm x 55mm 2 colour printed paper booklet label – £2,850 (plus VAT) for 5,000 labels and £2,600 for just 1,000 labels. 
  • 4-page 50mm circular paper label printed in full colour – £1,600 for 1,000 and for 2,500 labels £1,675.  Again, plus VAT and delivery.

If you would like to know more or to request a free sample, click the Sample Request button below.

Updated: 14 Mar 2021


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