Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel and reveal labels

Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel and reveal labels are multi-page labels that are lightly glued together – so the reader can peel off layers and read what’s underneath.  They are an information rich product label that contains everything the end user needs or might want to know. 

Additionally, with labelling laws demanding more information Peel & Reveal labels are the answer, enabling you to meet your legal obligations in the limited space you have available.   We can help you with the design and print of your labels – printing on digital or conventional presses – so you get value for money.

Our clients use peel and reveal labels to display nutritional information, cooking instructions, multiple languages or health and safety information – all contained in a small space.

Also known as peel off stickers or Peel & Read labels, these Peel and Reveal labels might be the only way you can label your small items while maintaining an attractive design that matches your brand.

Why do P&R labels cost what they do?

Read our article on how label are costed and what you can expect to pay for Peel & Reveal labels. Click here.

Print up to 5 pages in your Peel & Reveal labels

We’re able to print from three to 5 pages on your label. However, on a multipage (leaflet) style label, it is up to 35 pages.

There are a few limitations which we would need to discuss with you before you order. 

Tactile Warning Marks

Tactile Mark label
Tactile Triangle Mark on a Peel & Reveal Label

If your peel and reveal label needs tactile marks (triangle marks) printed on it, for example in the case of Vaping labels, press the sample request button and ask about our tactile peel and reveal labels.

These can be custom shaped marks that can be built into the design of your label.

Digitally Printing Your Peel & Reveal Labels

Using a digital press, we’re able to print relatively small numbers. However, where digital comes into it’s own is where you have many design changes.

For example, 200 of ten different designs would be well suited to digital printing. Printing the same on a traditional press would be very expensive.

Digital printing press used for peel and reveal labels
Digital printing press

Overprinting the Top Layer of Your Peel & Reveal Labels

We can supply peel and reveal labels with a blank first page (for you to overprint with your own design).

These are perfect for Vape labels as the bottom layer with safety and ingredient information can stay the same and the top layer can be brightly printed.

However, you need a printer capable of printing from rolls of labels, as peel and reveal labels don’t lend themselves to being produced on sheets.

Check with us if you’re printing on a Primera, Epson Colorworks or Kairo colour printer (they print from rolls).  As always, you would need to test compatibility with your label printer.  Label materials are limited for these printers.

Visit our contact us page and call to find out more.

Peel and Reveal competition labels

Thinking of using peel and reveal labels for promotional use? 

Using our digital press you can print unique codes onto your peel and reveal labels.  Let your customers know if they have won a prize, discount or a special offer.

The good thing about peel and reveal labels is that the code can be covered up and only revealed once the top layer has been peeled back.  Contact us and ask about promotional labels.

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If you think Peel and Reveal labels will solve your labelling problems, contact us or click the Sample Request button below.

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Updated 17 Aug 2023


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