PiggyBack Labels

Piggyback label

PiggyBack Labels

Piggyback labels, sometimes known as dual-layer or two-layer labels, can be thought of as labels on top of labels.  They are made from combining two layers of adhesive label material. The bottom layer forms the backing for the top.

The ‘master-label’ can be stuck to any object as normal, the top layers (sub labels) can then be removed and be applied elsewhere.

Piggyback labels
Piggyback labels

You can use your thermal label printer to overprint your piggyback labels with barcodes or text, positioning each piece of text or barcode on one of the sub-labels. 

This is useful where you have a ‘master object’ and lots of ‘sub objects’ that need the same identification.

Instructions for use can be added to the label and different sub-label text can ensure the correct sub-label has been attached to the correct item.

Uses for Piggyback Labels

Examples for where piggy back labels may be used:

  • Medical records – a patient record and sample labels – peel off a piggy back sub label for each sample.  They all share the same identification.
  • Museum artifacts.  Applied to components that make up a set.
  • Job tracking – each stage of the journey you remove a sub-label.
  • Tracking any process where you can remove a sub label at each stage in the process.
  • Shipment tracking – an external address label with a tracking code to go on items being returned.
  • Marketing – where you want to provide convenience for your clients.  Return address labels or identification labels are examples.

Piggyback labels can be made on a range of materials – paper or waterproof plastic, can be printed in colour and can be made to meet your sizes. 

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