Scanning and reading barcodes and other documents or part marks, can be done rapidly and efficiently with devices available from a multitude of types available in today’s market.

A barcode scanner is available to suit any type of situation or application – retail or industrial – tethered or cordless.

Scanners for reading linear 1D barcodes only are available – often laser based. Many others capable of reading 1D, 2D codes and PDF codes are based on imaging technology. All these options are available in tethered (with cable) and wireless or Bluetooth versions for maximum flexibility. Many are capable of omnidirectional reading of codes either as handheld or hands free models.

For health-care environments, models are available in special materials to ensure that they can be cleaned and sterilised appropriately if necessary.

Fixed mount units and free-standing desk or countertop models are frequently required in industrial and retail situations and are available in a wide variety of specifications.

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