QuickStock App Package


QuickStock App Package

Stock control made simple with our QuickStock app package 

If your stock records are a chore, not to mention, badly out of date – perhaps we can help.  Take a low cost hand held terminal and use it to record your stock movements – in and out – and make your regular stock checks quicker, easier and more accurate.  Check out our latest industrial duty mobile computer with integrated barcode scanner.

Scan your new stock or inventory  into your warehouse or storeroom and automatically add it to your stock database. Scan it out when it’s sold or issued to a job.  Make the annual or perhaps monthly stock check faster and more accurate  and update your stock database as required.Scanner

We recommend tough terminals with barcode readers.

Whilst you can buy apps to run on smartphones – that use the phone’s camera, we recommend you invest in a durable, industrial grade Android mobile computer (that will cope with the rough handling the work environment throws up) with a dedicated, but integrated, barcode scanner to make the repetitive scanning of barcodes faster and easier.

A slightly higher price will quickly pay for itself in terms of productivity and fewer repairs.

Combine your terminal with a simple software application written and installed to work on the latest Android powered Zebra Technologies TC20 mobile computer. Supplied ready for action!

Pricing outline

Initial subscription. One off cost for installing to any number of units, £1750.00 plus VAT

Stock control application annual licence per mobile device  £375.00 plus VAT

Annual software support contract. Problem solving, re-installs, telephone support. Annual contract per subscribed application.  £375.00 plus VAT

Zebra Technologies TC20 mobile computer with comms and charging cradle – £495.00 plus VAT

Zebra TC20
Zebra TC20

With a total price for a single stock management terminal (including your software licence and a year’s support) just £2995.00 (plus delivery and VAT), you’ll quickly recoup your investment in fewer man-hours, up-to-date stock records that you can trust.

Please call us on 01359 271 111 for further advice and availability.  Take the first step in keeping your stock records up to date.


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