Fold-out Labels


Fold-out Labels

Also known as booklet, multi-page or extended labels. When the pack is not large enough for a single label to carry all the required information, fold-out labels are often preferred to separate leaflets, which can easily be lost. These labels are frequently seen on agricultural, chemicals and consumer pharmaceuticals.

Fold out labels can be called:

  • Leaflet Labels
  • Extended Content Labels
  • Expanded Content Labels
  • Multi-Panel Labels
  • Multi-Ply Labels
  • Page Labels
  • Multi-Page Labels
  • Expansion Labels

Fold out labels are typically used for:

  • The display of Multilingual Text Information on products reducing language specific reprints of packaging
  • Display government required regulatory and legal information
  • Display of promotional coupons and vouchers
  • Product instructions and user advice
  • Direct Mail promotion

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