Labels for Food and Beverage Packaging

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Labels for Food and Beverage Packaging

Food labels are the most commonly printed labels in the UK.  Food labels are not all the same, however.  Some are short-life labels for fresh food, others can remain attached to tinned food for years.  You might want simple identification or create an emotional connection to your brand through labelling.  Read on to learn about the different labels you might be using.

Colour labels

Colour says something about your labels.  Colour labels will be the kind that creates an emotional bond to your company. 

For small quantities of colour labels, of fewer than 5,000 full colour paper labels, ask about our digital label service.  Competitively priced at around £250 (depending on label size and material used) for quantities of 1,000 to 5,000 labels, we have dozens label sizes to choose from. 

If you need a very specific label size, then we can provide you with a custom made label (at extra cost).  Our digital labels are generally varnished to provide a high quality finish, that will make your label stand out and enhance your brand. 

If you need label with gold and silver foil finishes or personalisation, ask us for a quote.

Label Designs

Do you need a design to go on the label to help your brand stand out? We have a design team who can create a bespoke label design for you.  Prices vary based on the complexity of the design and the stage you’ve reached in your ideas.  There are rules relating to barcode size, style and positioning that need to be taken into consideration.  To find out more click here.

Special Finishes

Embossed labels
Label Finishes

Colour adds a visual level of connection to your food products but there are other label features that make your brand more personal – using that most personal of senses – touch.


Using a special tool we can make areas of your labels stand out, literally.  Embossing is one method. 

Embossed labels

High Build Finishes

Circular High Build on a label
A circular area of High Build on a label.

Another technique to make your food labels feel special is using a thick varnish on parts of your labels that makes those parts higher than others.  When the varnish is coated in ink, your label will look and most importantly feel ‘outstanding’!

Both of these finishes need to be carefully planned and will add to the cost but will create a premium brand image.

Chilled Food Labels

Chilled foods are subject to moisture.  If your label is only expected to last a few days then a paper label will probably survive moisture. 

Consider a clear varnish to give it a little more moisture resistance. 

Talk to us about how you’ll print variable product information on your labels – such as batch codes, best before dates and variable weights.  This sort of information is best printed with a direct thermal printer (learn more about direct thermal by clicking here) and needs a special thermal coating to print onto. 

If your label is going to need to last longer than a few days ask us about plastic labels that are waterproof. 

One of the main requirement for labels suitable for chilled foods is the label adhesive. Click the Request a Sample button on this page and mention in the comments that you’d like to test a label suitable for  damp conditions. 

Similar to our freezer friendly labels, we can supply labels suitable for a refrigerated environment, ensuring your label stays intact and legible.

Frozen Food Labels

Adhesives are not designed for sub zero temperatures.  When they freeze they solidify and lose their stickiness.  Make sure you ask us for freezer adhesive labels. 

We can help you with labels that are suitable for frozen foods that can withstand temperatures of  -40 degrees Celsius and therefore suitable for all types of freezer conditions.

Peel & Reveal labels

If space is at a premium on your packaging, but regulations dictate that you need to add mandatory information – consider Peel and Reveal labels.

Two (or more layers) are printed and the consumer is able to peel off the top layer to reveal more information.  This example image (above) isn’t a food label – but your labels could easily include recipes or competition entry details.

Click here to read more about peel and reveal labels – or click the sample request button and request peel & reveal labels.

Contact Us about your Food Labels

We love to help clients with help with their labelling.  Give us a call today on: 01359 271 111 to speak to one of our friendly Experts.

Alternatively, please click through to our contact us page.

Useful Resources

Learn about food labelling regulations here –

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Last updated: 5 Dec 2019

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