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Barcode Label Printing

Are you looking for barcode labels, batch labels, product serial numbers or just barcode labels?

Sometimes having someone else do your barcode label printing makes good business sense.  Save buying printers and software and have us print your short run label jobs.

Let’s get to the point – we want to help you print your barcode labels.  Please read about our label printing service below, but:

If you want a barcode label price or sample, click below:

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And, if you’re unsure about anything and you’d like quick, expert advice on getting your barcode labels printed, phone 01359 271 111 or email us at

Otherwise, read on and learn about our barcode label printing service.

More than just Barcode Label Printing.

We work with our customers to provide:

  • Barcode labels
  • Text or Number only labels
  • Lot number labels
  • Batch numbers printed onto labels
  • Serial numbered labels
  • Postage labels
  • ID labels for assets
  • Complex sequentially numbered labels
  • Labels from databases or spreadsheets

If you know what you need, get a quote by clicking here.  Have some questions?  Scroll down to read our guide, or talk to one of our experts – call 01359 271 111, or email us now at

124 Different Label and Tag Materials and More than 6,000 Sizes.

Not only do you expect us to do your barcode label printing, but we also make sure the labels and tags meet some pretty high standards too.

Huge Cutter library
Huge Cutter library

In addition to standard paper labels, we’ve got decades of experience of barcode label printing to more difficult materials.
You can have:

  • Tear resistant tags
  • Fan-folded labels
  • Outdoor and plant labels
  • Scratch resistant labels
  • Heat proof labels up to 500 Deg C
  • Cryogenic labels (down to minus 176 Dec C)
  • Multi-part labels – that allow part of the label to be peeled and applied elsewhere
  • Tamper resistant and tamper evident asset labels and
  • Coloured labels of all kinds.

Not only do we print onto these different materials, we also ensure the inks we use remain durable and legible under very demanding conditions for the life of the label or tag.  Our barcode printing service to you includes checking and guaranteeing that the label or tag will work with the thermal ink it’s printed with.

Choose From More than 97 Barcodes.

When it comes to barcode label suppliers, you can choose from dozens of different barcode styles – such as:

  • QR Codes
  • Code 128
  • Code 39
  • ITF 14
  • UPC A & E
  • EAN 8 and 13.

But if you need some of the more obscure barcodes – we can help:

  • CDs and DVDs
  • PDF417 codes
  • Code 49
  • Codabloc
  • IATA 2of 5
  • ISBN book codes
  • JAN 8 and 13 Han Xin codes
  • Azrec codes.

We work with 97 different barcodes (and that number rises every time a new barcode is introduced).  We can print all the postal and shipping codes, pharmaceutical and healthcare and GS1 specified barcodes for you.

Complex Printing Solutions is Our Speciality.

Our clients use us for complex printing work, using check digits and special roll labelling through to simple incremental serial number labels. Perhaps you need sets of numbers?  We print pairs, 3s, 4s – any number of labels.

Case Study – Our customer wanted to order barcode labels with a complex Luhn algorithm check digit included in the barcode.  They also needed the labels printed in reverse order, so the last label printed in the sequence appeared first on the roll.  To complicate matters further, a ‘header’ label identifying what numbers had been printed onto that roll was needed at the beginning of each roll.

We were able to create a database that included the check digit and built it into the number sequence, then, using our very powerful label design software, we wrote a custom script that printed the labels on our 300 dpi printer and use our label rewinder to meet the exact standards our client wanted.

Database Connections.

We extract data from a wide variety of sources to print onto our customer’s labels and tags – in fact we work with 11 different file formats – including Comma Separated Variables (CSV), Text files, Excel, MS SQL Server and Access database files, but also some of the less common ones – such as SAP Intermediate Docs (SAP iDocs), OLE DB, universal data link and ODBC.

Production Times.

If you have simple requirements we can often find a label off the shelf and have your labels printed in hours.  For more specific needs we have access to a choice of tens of thousands of labels and tags – ready for production in a few days.  For very precise and unusual projects, we can usually get the finished labels out to you in around two weeks.

Off the shelf labels
Off the shelf labels

What to Expect: Our Process.


First we discuss your project with you on the phone.  We ask questions so we know exactly what you need to ensure we are able to help you get the labels or tags you need.  We might send out samples so you can check the labels we produce for you will work as you need them to.

Designing Labels
Designing Labels
2.Next, we agree a specification for your work, check our production schedule and email you over a confirmation of order (with an expected delivery date) and in many cases an electronic design for you to check.
3.When you are happy with the specifications and price of the job, and you’ve approved the design, we go about preparing the design to print.
4.We complete the design and start setting up the label printing software to accept and print the data as specified.  At the same time, if we need to get your blank labels made, we’ll start the label production process.

When we have labels and a design, we start printing.  We check the quality of the barcode label printing services at the beginning and throughout the printing job.  We have barcode scanners that we use to ensure the codes are readable and that they are encoding the correct information. If the job is a long one, we’ll use our label rewind unit to roll the printed labels onto cores.

Barcode Label Printing
Barcode Label Printing
6.Finally we check the labels for quality once more and package them for our courier to deliver to you.

Your Guarantee.

Our label and ink combinations are checked in a laboratory to ensure they remain legible and stuck for the specified life of the label.  We guarantee to replace any labels that fail to meet these standards.  Ask us to specify the label life when you order.

What’s Next.

Our service team (Les, Simon and Miles) have been expertly printing labels since well before the turn of the century and would be happy to talk through your ideas to see if we can help.
Tell us about your labelling project on 01359 271 111, or email us now at


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