Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic Labels

Expert Labels has been providing beautiful cosmetic labels since 1995.  

We offer a full range of highly functional labels that will make your product standout.  

With our many years of experience in this specialist field we can print an established design or provide you with our in-house design services to create your own label, tailored just for you.

We have experience of working with major brands, start-ups and fast-growing companies such as Glitterbels (Nails by Annabel) who provide a vast range of nail polishes and associated products.

According to data analytics company Nielson, 70% of consumers’ purchase decisions are made at the shelf in-store.

Standing out is essential

What you can expect from working with us.  We understand that:-

  • Your label must comply to regulations
  • Product packaging is often small or are tricky shapes to label
  • The label must accurately convey the product contents, which often means good product colour matching
  • Products need to stand out to compete; firstly, for shelf space and then for customer attention
  • Performance of the label for the product’s lifecycle is important, from delivery, in store and in your customers’ home
  • If you’re selling on-line your product needs to photograph well too

Many of our customers have worked with us for over 20 years.  They say it’s because everyone at Expert Labels cares deeply about understanding them, their needs and delivering exceptional customer services, something we’re all very proud of.

To discuss your needs, please get in touch or phone 01359 271 111 our expert advisers would be delighted to help you.

Whilst we can print less than 1,000 labels for you it does not make for an economical price,  we therefore request orders over this quantity. 

If you’re new to cosmetic labelling here’s our guide for what to look out for.

Consider the label material before you think design

Jumping straight into the design of your label can be very exciting.  However, your label has a number of important jobs to do.  For performance durability, labels for cosmetics need to resist moisture and oils.  They also need to be able to stand up to a lot of handling so making sure the label stays in place, doesn’t easily tear, scratch or wrinkle is vital to your customer’s brand experience.  Choosing the appropriate material for your label is an important consideration.

Convey product contents

Skin tones and accurate colour for make-up or nail polishes is important in guiding your customers to make the best selection; and crucially for them to repurchase.  This means your label partner must have a deep understanding of inks and coatings to ensure your label is perfect to represent and showcase your product to its very best.


There are numerous ways to include the significant information, such as ingredients and consumers warnings that you are required to include on your label.  Not to detract from the beautiful design of your label you can meet the regulatory requirements by using peel and reveal labels that peel away from the bottom of the label to reveal an additional layer that details the extra information.  To include all of the information required it is likely the text will be fine and very small, therefore the inks used need to be high definition for legibility. 

Product Quality Assumptions are Made Based on the Quality of Marketing and Labelling

We all make assumptions about the quality of a product or service based on the quality of the marketing, labelling or packaging.  We are seeing that more and more cosmetic companies are choosing a premium, luxury look and feel. 

There are many materials that can achieve this from clear labels with a crisp design to eye catching bright colours, striking monotones, foil finishes, shiny and tactile or sustainable and recyclable materials.  Add to this innovative print finishes that can be achieved using sophisticated digital print processes, or decorating and embellishing using debossing, embossing or foils and raised varnishes.


Your labels need to reflect your brand values.  For example, if your products are acrylic and high gloss that needs to be reflected in your packaging and labelling.  If your product is 100% natural or kind to the environment, when your label and packaging is reflective of the products’ attributes your brand become stronger, believable and trusted.


McKinley research shows that over 65% of consumers will pay more for sustainable products.  Cosmetic consumers want brands they can trust to protect the planet as well as their own health.  The consumer market is engaging more with brands that are cutting down on packaging and using packaging that is easily recycled – this includes labels too.

To discuss your needs, please get in touch or phone 01359 271 111 our expert advisers would be delighted to help you.



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