Block Out Labels


Block Out Labels

Despite your best efforts, mistakes with packaging, filing or identification do happen.  Products might even need re-labelling because of redundant text, alternative language instructions, telephone number or ingredient changes on the packaging.  Sometimes you need to cover up personal or confidential information or you’re a pharmaceutical supplier and need to hide information for a clinical trial. The answer: block out labels.

Block out labels cover up mistakes and confidential or incorrect information without someone being able to read it.  They are a quick and cost effective alternative to completely re-labelling product.  Block out labels or stickers are also known as cover up labels (or black out labels and even opaque labels).

What are Block Out labels?

non block out labels
The barcode is still visible under label


The information below the block out label is invisible.

Block out labels tend to look like standard white paper stickers, however they have a dark coloured ink printed on the reverse of the paper, before the labels’ adhesive layer is applied.   The dark ink on the reverse makes the labels appear dense enough to hide existing information on the original packaging they’re applied to.

Type of labels:

  • standard white paper
  • weatherproof and waterproof plastic block out labels
  • pre-printed or blank
  • cut to size labels
  • circular opaque labels
  • thermal opaque labels


  • To cover up mistakes on existing packaging or labels
  • To update information on existing materials
  • To recycle packaging
  • To create completely legible print
  • Clinical trials

Limitations with Block Out Labels

These labels are speciality thermal transfer labels, so you’re able to overprint them with your own thermal label printer.  They are usually made to order and not always kept in stock.  The good news is that they can be cut to the most appropriate size (including circular and oval labels) and can be pre-printed or left blank for you to print onto. 

Black out labels are usually made from semi gloss paper, but contact us to order different label materials.  These labels tend to be delivered in roll form.  As with any made to order labels, the more your order the less the unit label cost will be.

Order block-out labels

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