What’s the difference between Zebra’s ZT410 and ZT411


What’s the difference between Zebra’s ZT410 and ZT411

In late 2019 Zebra updated its ZT400 industrial printer range – the ZT410 has been replaced by the Zebra ZT411. To save you valuable time Expert Labels compares the differences between the two printers for you.

We’ll cover:

  • The new colour touch-screen.
  • Changes to the insides of the printer.
  • Connections at the rear of the printer.

See what improvements you’re getting when you buy a Zebra ZT411.

The ZT411 has a Big Beautiful Colour Touch Screen.

Having a large colour screen makes setting up the printer much easier – and for more complicated tasks – there are wizards to help. The wizards guide you step- by- step through configuring the printer. They even include animations to help you. (Animations and videos have been a feature of the Sato CL4NX printer for the past four years).

Wizards and animations mean operators who rarely touch the control panel can adjust settings without incurring cost and time waiting for specialist help (like contacting Expert Labels).

The ZT411 is fitted with a resistive touch screen so you can operate it with your bare hands, wearing gloves or with a stylus.

Zebra ZT411 Alert Screen

The colour screen makes it really obvious what the printer is doing, turning yellow for example, when the pause button is pressed.

The ZT411 has two USB sockets at the front of the printer – compared to just one for the ZT410. Plug in a USB scanner and USB drive, or a keyboard and scanner – slightly more useful than the ZT410.

Inside the Case

Zebra ZT410 interior lights

Not much has changed when you lift the bi-fold door on the printer. It still has the handy interior lighting – useful if the printer is hidden away under a desk or bench.

There’s a change to the sensors (both the transmissive and reflective) that detect the start and finish point on the labels and tags going through the printer. They’re now fully adjustable – making the ZT411 work with a wider range of labels or tags.

Printhead Element Failure Warning

One useful feature that’s making it’s debut on the ZT411 is printhead element failure warning. As you probably know, printheads fail after use. Hopfully after many years of service to you. However, it’s often difficult to see a failed element. The first you know of it is when a barcode fails to read. There are 8 elements per millimeter – so they are quite small. Using this feature you’re warned when an element fails.

Communication Ports

At the back of the printer are the communication ports – USB, Serial and Ethernet – nothing has changed there. There’s an option slot for more specialist communications such as the Applicator Port option (used when integrating it with print and apply systems). Wifi standards tend to change regularly so with the option slots it’s possible to have the latest (or most compatible) Wifi adaptor fitted to your printer.

Summing up – Zebra’s ZT410 vs ZT411

  • It’s all about the new screen – that’s the most dramatic update – and to be honest – is a large improvement.
  • Minor tweaks to the interior.
  • Small improvements to the front USB and rear communications options.

Further Help

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Updated 28 Apr 2020


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