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Expert labels are specialists in producing beautiful labels to make your products stand out from crowded shelves. From low cost paper labels to clear, waterproof labels – we help you sell more.

We have more than twenty years experience making sure your labels are delivered on time to do the job they’re supposed to do, every time.

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Clear Bottle Labels



Batch & Serial No. Labels

Print your own, or let us print your batch and serial numbers for you.  Choose numbers, 1D or 2D (QR Codes) Barcodes.

secure cut labels

Tamper and Security Labels

Specially cut tamper-proof security labels or destructable material to protect your products.

clear labelsWaterproof Labels

Choose from a wide range of materials – printed onto clear or full colour labels .

Let’s talk technical

We supply labels on rolls, either pre-printed or for overprinting with thermal label printers. We make labels to a huge range of specifications – from waterproof, gold or silver foil, clear labels, perforated labels, large rolls and small rolls.  We have over 6,000 label dies to cut your labels to the exact size you need. Our labels are made from paper, HDPE, PE, Polyester, Vinyl, PP, Tyvek or any number of specialist materials.  We can fully customise your labels with sequential numbering, printing from a database or unique full colour labels.

Expert Labels

  • Have been supplying labels, tags, tickets, barcode scanners and printers since 1994
  • Use specialist digital printing equipment for full colour label printing
  • Are trusted by many of Europe’s best known companies to delivery on time and to exacting standards of quality
  • Stand by our products with a money back guarantee

We work with organisations who need high quality labels delivered on time and also value a supplier who provides end-to-end printing and scanning expertise.

Some of Our Clients

Some of the hundreds of clients who trust us for their labels, printers and scanners.


Expert Labels

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