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Concentrate on Running Your Business and Let Us Concentrate on Printing Your Labels.

Zebra ZT230 Barcode Printer

Expert Labels provides clients with a complete on-site labelling service. 

We cover everything to ensure maximum uptime, so your labels are printed when you need them.

You pay us to get your labels printed and we manage everything else.

Let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

Leave us to handle:

    • label and thermal ribbon stock management,
    • Thermal label printer procurement, installation and training,
    • Software configuration, integration and training,
    • Hardware maintenance and support
    • Support desk
    • Finance arrangements – turn capital expenses into operating expenses


Off the shelf labels

Labels & Inks

You get optimum stock levels and the right labels when you need them.

Industrial Label Printer


You get configured and supported label printing hardware as part of your managed labelling service.

Bartender label software

Labelling Systems

You get integrated labelling with your corporate IT systems. Your printer and label usage is monitored using software. You get trained staff and supported software.

Chris Day is an IT manager. He started at his company on the helpdesk, having got a degree in Business Studies. Gradually he worked his way up and now, in his early 40's, is the IT manager for his company.

His key objective is making sure the computer systems remains operational.

Chris' team is small - just three of them. They are stretched thin and he doesn't want them using their talents looking after label printing.

Chris doesn't want to have to deal with thermal label printers. He has a service company look after his multi-function laser printers and appreciates the advantages the simply ringing the help line and having the printer fixed gives him.

Keeping up to date with the latest thermal printer models and knowing how to support them is the last thing he wants to bother with. Keeping on top of label and ribbon stocks is easy enough, but a real nightmare when it goes wrong.

Chris wants someone who understands thermal printers to take them off his plate. He wants to concentrate on the next generation of software and hardware that his company needs to grow and prosper.
Chris Day
IT Manager
Expert Labels

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