About Us

About Us

Located an hour from Cambridge and 90 minutes from London, Expert Labels have over 25 years of professional experience and knowledge on all things labels and label technology. 

But why choose us?

  • We are trusted by some of the UK’s best respected organisations – from the NHS, Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Astra-Zeneca,  BAE Systems, Bosch, Cancer Research UK, Christie’s Auction House, Yankee Candle and Warburton’s Bakery
  • We don’t print most of our labels.  We work with partners who have the most cost efficient machinery and stocks of the right materials so you get the best prices.
  • Perfect Labels or your money back – we guarantee that the products we recommend will do what you tell us you want them to do, or we will give you your money back.
  • You have a Six-Step Perfect Label Process to determine exactly what benefits you are looking for and match the product to your needs.
  • We can supply 1000’s of products on next day delivery basis.
  • We explain the technology in plain English.

We are here to help YOU – just give us a call on 01359 271 111 or Email: info@expertlabels.co.uk today so we can find the best solution to your label project.



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