The Versatile Loop Lock Label


The Versatile Loop Lock Label

A Label that’s not a Label – it’s a Tag

Most people call them loop lock labels but you might have seen them described as self tie loops, luggage tags, handle ties, self tie tags, wrap ties – even label loops.  They all do the same thing – they’re a tag without adhesive that you loop round on itself and attach to an item.  Technically they’re a label – because they identify something – but without any glue they’re not strictly loop lock labels.

Loop Lock Labels

A Tag with a Thousand Uses

These are the tie on tags you see most often on trees and plants, but a more innovative use included one caravan park that tied a different coloured label onto the caravan door handle to indicate which day the caravan needed to be cleaned.  Other uses include turkeys, bread crates and laundry baskets – there must be tens of thousands of possible uses. Once you’ve seen this, you’ll realise how versatile these tags are.  Certainly we’ve supplied them to steel tubing suppliers and abattoirs but most often to plant nurseries or garden centres.

Loop Lock Labels – Choice of Materials

What makes this tag so versatile? One reason is the material they’re made from.  They’re versatile because they can be made from low cost paper, waterproof and durable plastic, tear and scratch proof plastic, heat resistant plastic and tear proof tyvek. What’s more, if you use them in food production, you can get your tags with metal content, so they can be detected by metal detectors (avoiding the PR disaster of having your tags turn up in your customer’s food). Finally, most of these tags are 100% recyclable.

Choice of Printing Onto Your Tags

The other feature that makes them so versatile is how they are printed. Most of our clients use thermal printers because they’re fast, reliable and cheap.  However, many of our garden centre clients print full colour Loop Locks using laser printers and of course there’s still a sizeable number who use the trusty pen. If you need to print full colour loop lock labels – visit our contact page, get in touch and ask about our sheet loop lock label supplies.  If you’re printing thousands, let us print your tags with your logo and message whilst you overprint them with product and price information.

Loop Lock Labels Come in Dozens of Different Shapes and Sizes

Another versatility plus is that these tags come in a huge range of different sizes. In our stock range, choose from eight different colours or have your own logo printed onto the tag. We can even print your labels for you.  Include a perforated tear off section for prices or codes.

Be Warned

Loop Lock Labels come in a fairly small range of standard sizes.  Whilst you’re able to make tags any size you’d like, new tag sizes will cost.  People usually buy plastic tags and cutting dies for plastic materials are more expensive than paper.  Adding perforations and unusual cuts will put up the cost.  Click through to our Loop Lock Label page and see what standard sized tags are available.

If you have a thermal printer, these tags are made to fit any 110mm wide thermal transfer label printer that’s big enough to take a 8 inch roll of labels (i.e. a printer that’s larger than a desktop printer).

Whilst they’re a really easy way to quickly label trees, bushes and shrubs, don’t forget they can be used to tag all sorts of other things. You can use these tags to identify cables, furniture, tools, shelf racking, steel bars, computers – in fact many kinds of assets can be labelled with loop lock labels and tags.

If you need to clearly tag something, Loop lock labels might be the answer.  Call us on 01359 271 111 or email the team at


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