Print Station: BarTender’s Label Printing Secret

Print Station: BarTender’s Label Printing Secret

BarTender Print Station

Print Station is BarTender's Label Printing Front End

Printing labels with BarTender can be a little time consuming. 

First you need to open BarTender, then you need to find the label file.  Once you’ve found the label file you need to open it.  The next step is to choose print from the menu and start the printing process.  

Printing labels is not difficult, but if you rarely use BarTender, finding the correct label and remembering the printing process might take time.

BarTender Print Station, a BarTender ‘companion app’, is BarTender’s solution to this.  Print Station is included with all BarTender editions and makes printing labels so simple, a five year old could do it.

How to Use BarTender's Print Station

Look at the image at the top of this post if you want to see Print Station in action.

How to use Print Station:

  1. Open Print Station from your computer’s start menu.
  2. Look through the label thumbnail images until you see the label you want.
  3. Click on the label image.
  4. Choose how many copies of the label you want and press print.


Tips & Tricks

  • Streamline your label printing process even further – set up Print Station to open straight to the folder your labels designs are kept in.
  • Where you have inexperienced BarTender users, or your label designs look complicated, by-pass BarTender designer and open Print Station when you click on a label design.  In Microsoft Windows, associate your BarTender design files (.btw)  to open Print Station instead of Bartender Designer on certain users’ computers. 

Want Help with your Print Station?

If you would like help with BarTender’s Print Station, enjoy a complimentary 30 minute remote training session to get to know Print Station.  Learning Print Station will only take five minutes – but let us show you other features to make label printing easier and faster.

Contact us by email or phone (01359 271 111) and ask for our BarTender expert.


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Updated: 14 Oct 2019

Using forms to protect your label designs

Using forms to protect your label designs

BarTender Forms

How BarTender Forms Work

BarTender forms make label printing easy and error proof.

BarTender forms pop up at print time and prompt you for the information you need to print with. For example, you could be asked to choose a product description or code, a batch code and a production date.

Enter the data on the form and watch as your labels print the data.

No need to edit the label each time you print. Using BarTender forms you can even limit fields to specific characters, number formats or lengths – ensuring consistent labels and eliminating mistakes on your labels.

How to Use BarTender Forms

Choose from 19 different ways to enter data from drop down lists and calendars to number sliders and database choosers.

Add the different form controls to your form, then match the form controls to the fields on the label by dragging them together.  Add forms to your labels in minutes.

Want Help with your Label Forms?

If you would like help with your label forms, enjoy a complimentary 30 minute remote training session to get your forms started.

Contact us by email or phone (01359 271 111) and ask for our BarTender expert.


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Updated: 12 Oct 2019

Datalogic’s Gryphon Cordless barcode scanner

Datalogic’s Gryphon Cordless barcode scanner

Datalogic Gryphon 4500 family of scanner
Datalogic Gryphon 4500 Family Photograph.

We recently worked on a project and used Datalogic’s Gryphon 4500 series cordless 2D barcode scanner.  It’s a cordless scanner that can read normal 1D barcodes and 2D codes (like QR codes and datamatrix) as well.  It comes with a healthcare coating – which inhibits the growth of bacteria and cleaning the scanner with harsh chemicals doesn’t damage it.

Here are some of the things that impressed and didn’t impress us about the scanner.


What we like

  • Looks and feels like quality.
  • Scans lightning fast
  • Scans 1D & 2D barcodes
  • Displays a green good read light

What we didn’t like

  • Wasn’t easy to adjust the stand
  • Expensive

Look and feel

Datalogic Gryphon 4500

First impressions, the scanner feels good. It’s a comfortable weight – feels nice and solid without being too heavy. It’s designed in Italy and it looks good. With it being cordless, it feels tidy.

Very easy to use – with a clear aiming mark.  Useful if you’re choosing a barcode from a menu of other codes.

Datalogic GBT 4500

Bright white barcode illumination, so you can clearly see what’s being scanned.  Also better with coloured barcodes.

Gryphone Cordless scanner in stand

Automatic barcode detection and scanning. Just wave the code under the scanner and it reads it automatically.

Most of Datalogic’s range comes with a green dot good read indicator.  If you’re busy looking at the item you’re scanning then having a confirmation of sucessfully scanning your code is very helpful.  There’s also a big green indicator at the back of the scanner as well.

Datalogic Gryphon with Good read light
Gryphon - no connector chanring

The cordless Gryphon has eliminated charging contacts or sockets on the GBT4500,  the latest Datalogic cordless scanner.  No contacts to clean.  Whilst that removes a potential vulnerability on the scanner, they’ve included a hidden cable connector in the bottom of the scanner for a USB cable.



There wasn’t much to fault about the Gryphon GBT4500 scanner. The only slight inconvenience I suffered was adjusting the charging stand. It has a locking screw and you need a screwdriver to unlock it.

It isn’t the cheapest cordless scanner on the market. Priced at around £450-£500 for the scanner and charging cradle, it’s an expensive option.


The Datalogic GBT4500 is a quality piece of equipment with a two-year guarantee and so many features I can’t begin to describe them all in this review.  Easy to use, lightning fast and very versatile, you’d be pleased when you bought it.  It’s not the cheapest, but it is quality.

If you’d like to find out more about the Gryphon 4500 cordless barcode scanner click here and ask me any questions.

– Miles Green

Here’s Datalogic’s Gryphon 4500 video, demonstrating the scanner and it’s features.

Best Thermal label printers for under £300

Best Thermal label printers for under £300

With hundreds of label printers on the market – how do you know which to buy?  Expert Labels work with all the major brands and many of the specialist brands so we’re able to find the best thermal label printers to suit your needs and your budget.  Read this article where we summarise the best barcode printers for less than £300.  See our recommendations at the bottom of the page.  Updated July 2019.

A note on prices – please contact us for up to date prices as prices change weekly.  Prices have been included for comparison purposes.  Prices exclude VAT.

Datamax-O'Neil E-Class MkIII Advanced - Also known as the Honeywell E-4205A
Datamax-O'Neil - now Honeywell - have decades of experience with Thermal printers - gaining a popular and dependable reputation.

* This printer comes with Serial/Parallel/USB and Ethernet LAN interfaces as standard.
* Comes with lots of options and accessories (at extra cost) - including a battery pack, external roll holder and a label peeler.
* Includes a 1 year warranty including printhead (unless it's printed more than 24KM of labels).
* Comes with Honeywell's own label design software (NETiraLD: Label Design Software). This is based on Seagull Scientific's BarTender - so it's well known and supported.
* Direct thermal only. Good for labels and tags that have a limited life.
* Won't print onto plastic media.
honeywell-e-4204b basicDatamax-O’Neil E-Class Mk III Basic – Also known as the Honeywell E-4204BDatamax-O’Neil – now Honeywell – have decades of experience with Thermal printers – providing a popular and dependable reputation.
* Remarkable low cost.
* Comes with lots of options and accessories (at extra cost) – including a battery pack, external roll holder and a label peeler.
* Includes a 1 year warranty including printhead (unless it’s printed more than 24KM of labels).

Because of an extremely competitive price – this make the E-4204B one of the best thermal label printers you can buy.
Compared with the advanced model, the Basic doesn’t include Ethernet support.
* Direct thermal only. Good for labels and tags with limited life. Won’t print onto plastic media.
* Prints at 100mm per second.
Zebra GK420dZebra GK420d* Comes with Zebra’s reputation for quality and ease of use.
* Market leading brand with widespread support and availability of printers and consumables.
* This model is the direct thermal model.
* Comes with Zebra Designer label design software included for free.
* No LCD panel.
* Average print speed – 127mm per second.
Zebra GK420tZebra GK420t* Zebra quality and support.
* If popularity is a measure of the best thermal transfer printer – then this model is the best.
* Most widely used thermal transfer printer in the UK and Europe.
* Easy to use.
* Thermal ribbons, labels and tags widely available.
* This model is the thermal transfer model – producing long life labels and with the ability to print onto clear and waterproof labels.
* Tried and tested.
* Based on it’s popularity this is one of Zebra’s best thermal label printer.
* You pay a premium price for the Zebra range.
* The thermal ribbon length is just 74m.
* Label roll diameter is 125mm, there are printers that print longer between label and ink changes.
Zebra GC420d* Best value 4″ wide Zebra printer available.
* Meets 90% of users’ needs.
* Easy to use.
* Media widely available.
* Uses the same software as the Zebra desktop printers.
* Just direct thermal – so thermal labels and tags need to be used.
* Only USB/serial/parallel interfaces.
* Prints at 100mm per second, slightly slower than other printers.
Zebra GC420tZebra GC420t* Excellent value 4″ wide Zebra printer.
* Uses the same Zebra printer language as the other members of the Zebra desktop family.
* Widely available media.
* Uses Thermal Transfer technology – for long life labels and print to plastic labels and tags.
* 74m ribbon length.
* Slower than most printers at 100mm per second.
* Limited to USB/Serial and parallel interfaces.

Zebra ZD410
* Extremely compact in size.
* Compatible with other Zebra printer software.
* Comes with Zebra designer label design software.
* Includes Bluetooth as standard (as well as USB).
* Even prints at 6″ per second compared to 5″ for most other printers)
* Limited to labels and tags 58mm wide.
* Direct thermal print only – suitable for short life labels and tags.
Toshiba Tec BFV4D
Toshiba TEC B-FV4D
* TEC reputation for product quality.
* Prints at up to 150mm per second.
* Comes with Serial or parallel and USB and Ethernet as standard.
* Comes with Bartender Ultralight label design software.
* Direct thermal print only – short life labels and tags.
* Not as widely available as other printer brands.
Toshiba TEC B-EV4T* Thermal Transfer printers – for long life labels and tags.
* Uses ribbons 300m long – means fewer ribbon changes.
* Comes with Ethernet connectivity as standard – in addition to USB, and Serial or parallel.
* Not as widely available as other brands of printer.
* Ribbons aren’t as easily available as other brands.
* TSC make printers for other better known brands – so you’re getting the same quality for a better price.
* The TDP-247 is fast – printing at 177mm per second.
* Emulates Zebra printers – so can be used as a direct replacement.
* Has an Ethernet and Bluetooth option (at extra cost).
* Widely available media.
* This is the Direct Thermal model – so not suited to long life labels or tags.£250
Intermec PC23d
Honeywell PC23d
* Intermec, now part of the Honeywell family, have a long reputation for quality build and design.
* The PC23d is very fast – 200mm per second.
* It’s also easy to use (you can reload labels with one hand).
* Only 2″ wide printing.
* Direct thermal only – so only good for short life labels and tags.
* Difficult to source – not as well stocked as other brands of printer.
* Only has a USB interface.
Intermec PC43t
Intermec PC43t
* Intermec, now a Honeywell company, have been building printers since the 1970s – so they know a thing or two.
* Like it’s little brother the PC43t is very fast – 200mm per second and
* Easy to use (single handed label loading).
* Takes a 300m roll of ink for longer unattended printing.
* The PC43t is difficult to source compared to other brands of printer.
* Only has a USB connection.

Best Thermal Label Printers – Our Recommendations

For value for money and durability from a well known brand name – we’d recommend the Datamax O’Neill/Honeywell E-Class printers.  They are extremely good value for money, come in a wide range of configurations, use 300m ribbons and they’re easy to use.  Not as small as other desktop printers – so if space is an issue – look again.

No list would be complete without the market leader.  Zebra printers are widely available, well supported and cover almost every possible application.  Which model you choose depends on how many labels you print, what interfaces you need and size of printer.

We think the Zebra ZD410 is the best thermal label printer for narrow labels and tags.  It’s feature packed – it’s fast, has lots of connectivity options as standard and comes in at a competitive price.

Cryogenic Labels

Cryogenic Labels

We can supply you with labels that are perfect for your laboratory testing.

Our labels are manufactured using materials suitable for direct immersion into liquid nitrogen at -196°C and offer a cohesive bond high enough to withstand thermal shock, thereby eliminating the problem of delamination. This provides improved benefits for laboratories needing reliable label identification on plastic/ glass test tubes that will need to withstand long time cryogenic storage in liquid nitrogen or deep freezing.

Cryogenic labels can be printed on by using either thermal transfer or laser printing methods. This avoids traditional labelling methods i.e. using a marker pen and, as a result, virtually eliminates human error caused by illegible marking or mislabelling. At the same time users are able to print very small batch numbers and detailed barcodes required for certain small vials and test-tubes, whilst ensuring 100% of the information is maintained.

Give us a call today to receive your free sample on: 01359 271 111. Alternatively, you can fill in the form below and we contact you.

Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetic Labels

At Expert Labels we understand the importance of your cosmetic labels standing out in one of the most competitive markets today. That’s why we offer you a variety of different materials, with a selection of finishes for your label, enabling your product branding to be that much more effective.

From start-up businesses to the well established brand owners, we offer a flexible approach which allows us to cater for all types of businesses. From small print runs of a couple of hundred, to larger print runs up in the thousands, we can help you.

If you have your brand designed – fantastic! However, if you’re a small start up company and would like some one to help with the designing of your brand, we have in-house designers to help reach your vision.

Your labels need to stand out from your competitors’ and use different finishes and feels to communicate with your clients by sight and touch. That’s why we offer you a variety of different label materials, with a selection of finishes for your label, enabling your product branding to be that much more effective.


  • Clear labels for that no label look.
  • Smooth or matt finish labels
  • Embossed labels to make your text and images stand out
  • Full colour or simple single colour options
  • Silver and gold foil printing
  • Fold-out information labels to meet regulations or tell a story
  • Thousands of sizes and shapes
  • Textured paper labels
  • Peelable or permanent labels
  • Peel and reveal labels
  • Tactile warning labels

By using digital printing technology, small start up businesses can look as good as their international competitors. From small print runs of a couple of hundred, to larger print runs up in the hundreds of thousands, we can help you.

Sample pack contents

  • Different label finishes and constructions
  • Clear labels – get the no label look
  • Folded information leaflets


  • Scratch Resistant
  • Small Cylinders
  • Waterproof
  • High Quality
  • Label Finishes for Cosmetics

If you have your brand designed – fantastic! However, if you’re a small start up company and would like some one to help with the designing of your brand, we have in-house designers to help reach your vision. Please click here if you would like to read our article on the importance of branding in cosmetics. 

Give one of our Experts a call today to find out more on: 01359 271 111. Alternatively, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Coloured Labels

Coloured Labels

Coloured labels are useful for drawing attention to prices, markdowns or promotions at the retail environment, or could help distinguish between customers, suppliers, shipments, and determine where boxes get placed at the industrial level. They can also be used in the food industry to determine days of the week and for use by dates.

The coloured labels we supply you with can be printed on, or used purely for identification purposes.

We offer a wide variety of labels in various colours, sizes and material. Give us a call today to find out more, or simply fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

Brewery Labels

Brewery Labels

If you’re in the fast-growing brewery and craft beer industry and are ready to start manufacturing, you’ll need labels that will make your drink stand out from the rest. Whether you’ve already got a design or you need a hand with one, Expert Labels are here to help.

Using the latest digital label printing technology, we can produce as few as 1000 labels, all with different designs printed to the highest quality standards for a truly professional finish – perfect for microbreweries who are producing labels for the first time.  Let us print your labels from your own design, helping your bottles of beer, wine or cider stand out from the rest.

We can provide you with:

  • Multiple materials and colours, such as waterproof labels, Crystal Clear, Matte Clear, Gold, Silver, Blue Foil or Glossy White
  • More than 6,000 cutter choices for unique shapes
  • Barcodes for your brews, along with barcode printing if you already have your own barcodes ready
  • Thermal label printers for in-house case and keg labelling

We are here to help you every step of the way with labels for your brews. For more information, give us a call on 01359 271 111, email us at, or fill in our contact form and we will get in touch.

Other pages you might find useful

Bottle Labels & Drink Labels

Bottle Labels & Drink Labels

We excel in supplying you the perfect labels for your bottles.

They are manufactured using thermal transfer technology and not only that, our labels are water resistant and shock proof to meet exact requirements of our customers and their consumers. They are coated with the finest quality paper, which also consist of resistance towards UV radiation.

If you need labels for any type of bottle or jar, we can help you! Our labels are available in multiple materials and colours i.e. waterproof materials, Crystal Clear, Matte Clear, Gold Foil, Silver Foil and Glossy White.

With the right labels, we can help your product stand out from all the rest on the shelf! Give us a call or fill in the form below to find out more from our experts today.

Block Out Labels

Block Out Labels

Despite your best efforts, mistakes with packaging, filing or identification do happen.  Products might even need re-labelling because of redundant text, alternative language instructions or telephone number or ingredient changes on the packaging.  You might even have a need to cover up personal or confidential information.  When this happens, you need a label that will cover up mistakes and confidential or incorrect information without someone being able to read it.  Block out labels are a quick and cost effective alternative to completely re-labelling product.  Block out labels or stickers are also known as cover up labels (or black out labels and even opaque labels).

What are Block Out labels?

non block out labels
The barcode is still visible under label

The information below the block out label is invisible.

Block out labels tend to look like standard white paper stickers, however they have a dark coloured ink printed on the reverse of the paper, before the labels’ adhesive layer is applied.   The dark ink on the reverse makes the labels appear dense enough to hide existing information on the original packaging they’re applied to.

Type of block out labels:

  • kraft or white
  • weatherproof and waterproof
  • pre-printed or blank
  • die cut opaque block out labels
  • butt cut opaque block out labels
  • circular opaque block out labels
  • PCL opaque block out labels
  • thermal opaque block out labels

Sizes of block out labels:

  • 1 x 1″
  • 2 x 3″
  • 2 x 6″
  • 3 x 5″
  • 4 x 6″
  • 5 x 7″
  • 6 x 6″
  • 8 x 10″

Applications of block out labels:

  • To cover up mistakes on existing materials
  • To update information on existing materials
  • To recycle packaging
  • To create completely legible print

Limitations with Block Out Labels

Block out labels are speciality thermal transfer labels, so you’re able to overprint them with your own thermal label printer.  They are usually made to order and not always kept in stock.  The good news is that they can be cut to the most appropriate size (including circular and oval labels) and can be pre-printed or left blank for you to print onto.  Black out labels are usually made from semi gloss paper, but contact us to see what material options are available.  These labels tend to be delivered in roll form.  As with any made to order labels, the more your order the less the unit label cost will be.

Order block-out labels

If you need block out stickers, visit our contact page or give one of our Experts a call today on 01359 271 111. One of our friendly team can advise you on your options and quickly provide a quote.  Alternatively you can fill out a form below and we will contact you.



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