Vegan Labels – Do They Exist?


Vegan Labels – Do They Exist?

Do you sell a Vegan product and want Vegan labels to meet your brand values?  We get questions from Vegans like you every week and we have one and a half Vegans here in the office keen to help you with your Vegan Label project.  Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • What we think Vegan Labels means
  • Certified vegan labels
  • Can I buy vegan labels?

Let’s get started.

Veganism has increased in popularity over 350% in the past ten years alone.

This is thanks to increased awareness of the health and environmental benefits, not to mention being cruelty free to animals.

Whilst Veganism is on the rise, where can you get Vegan labels?

What Makes Labels 'Not Vegan'?

Generally speaking, being Vegan means you avoid products containing or using meat or animal by-products including honey or bee products, insect or bone char.

Sometimes there are animal by-products where you would not expect them.

The glue used on labels was traditionally made using bone parts or casein (milk protein).

Another consideration is the ink used on labels.  Inks sometimes contain animal bone char, glycerin from animal fat, gelatin from hooves, or shellac from beetles.  

Another concern might be the process the label needs to go through, i.e. the machinery used in production.

Typically printing equipment is very expensive and will be used for both traditional and vegan labelling.

Can I Buy Certified Vegan Labels?

YES.  See the certification from Herma – a global supplier of self adhesive label material. 

You will see that whilst Herma don’t use any animal products in their manufacturing process, they are unable to guarantee their own suppliers do not use animal derived products in their products or processes. 

You need to specify with us that you want certified vegan labels and we will provide quotes for vegan labels.

Click on the certificates below for full details

Vegan Label Certification
Vegan Certification
No Animal Testing Certification
No Animal Testing

How Your Labels Would Be Animal Free

Pretty much all the labels Expert Labels now offers uses acrylic glues.  The adhesive performance is generally better than with traditional labels so no compromise has to be made on quality.

With inks, many labels can be printed using inks made from soya beans – ask us about this. 

Paper doesn’t generally contain animal products or by-products, but there are many different papers so animal products can’t be ruled out.  Check with us if the label you have in mind would be vegan.

Digital label printing toner
Animal Free Digital Printing Toner

Now the subject of inks is a little more complicated.   The statement from one of the leading ink suppliers was that animal products were used in the ink making process, but ink was refined to have organic materials removed so technically ink doesn’t contain animal products. 

Additionally, whilst the toner used in digital printing is animal free, the varnish which is used to coat pretty much all labels falls into the category described above.


So, in summary, ask us for Vegan certified labels.

Want help with Vegan Labels?

Click the contact us button below or use the webchat function (in the bottom right of the screen) and tell us about your project.

Contact us

We can let you know how we can make make your labels animal and insect free. 

We have one an a half vegans on the team who be thrilled to help. 

How do we have half a vegan you ask?  Well, one of them struggles to ‘stay on the path’ so I’m not counting her as a true Vegan.

Pick up the phone and ask how we can help. 

You’ll find our details here: contact us.

Updated 30 April 2021


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