Why Buy a Colour Label Printer

Epson Colorworks C3500 colour label Printer

Why Buy a Colour Label Printer

When you need relatively small quantities of colour labels on a regular basis – investing in a label printer will save you money and increase convenience.

  • Print labels on demand – no more waiting for labels to be manufactured and printed for you.
  • Print unique labels – a label customised to each product.  Different size, style, shape or colour permutations – can be printed for each product
  • Personalised labels to meet your customers demands, made specially for them.
  • Prototype packaging and labelling with photo-quality colour labels – testing different messages and colours.
  • Simplify label stock control – by printing what you need when you need it – no stock control headaches or running out of labels.
  • Meet GHS requirements by printing required pictograms and graphics using a colour label printer.

Roll labels V Sheet labels

Roll label printers have important advantages over inexpensive sheet label printers.  Here’s why you should choose a colour roll label printer:

  1. Labels on rolls are less expensive compared to sheet labels. Whilst the printers cost more, roll label printers will save money in the long run.
  2. Wide range of materials to print onto – paper, gloss paper, plastics, permanent and peelable adhesives.
  3. The labels and the printed image are more durable (water resistant and suffer less sun damage) and
  4. You can print just one label or hundreds of labels – no need to print whole sheets of labels.
  5. Roll label printers are more durable and reliable than sheet printers

Do I Print My Colour Labels In-House?

The decision to print coloured labels in house or through label printers comes down to:

How many labels do I need?

If you need lots of labels then it’s more convenient to have labels preprinted. Our rule of thumb is that it isn’t cost effective to pre-print fewer than 1,000 labels.


Colour label printed with Colorworks printer
Vibrant Colour Labels printed with an Epson C3500 colour label printer

Do I need special materials or label finishes?

Not all label materials can be printed onto using a colour printer. On a recent project we couldn’t find removable plastic labels for a client – that were inkjet printable. If you need gold foiling or a special varnish you’ll need pre-printed labels.

However, pre-printed labels aren’t all perfect…

Adding unique information such as batch codes and serial numbers at print time isn’t possible without over-printing.

Keeping track of hundreds of different product labels is a headache. 

How Raza Nostra Solved Their Label Problems

Raza Nostra is a Madrid-based artisan meat specialist.

Black and White Labels Aren’t Good Enough

Raza Nostra provide their customers with high quality meat and black and white labels don’t reflect the quality of the brand.

Not only did black and white labels fail the company’s artisan brand, the labels didn’t include coloured images and country of origin flags.

Perhaps the largest – practical reason why pre-printed labels were a problem was wastage. Raza Nostra requires 30 different types of labels and the minimum order volumes of its label supplier forced the company to buy far more labels than it needed, resulting in storage expenses and high levels of wastage.

Raza Nostra needed a solution. 

Colour on demand

Raza Nostra  decided to test Epson’s TM-C3400 on-demand colour label printer. The C3400 prints custom colour labels onto matte and gloss label media between 30 and 112mm wide – perfect for Raza Nostra’s product labelling requirements.

Another important consideration are prints that are highly durable, water-resistant and smudge-proof. Raza Nostra found that the Epson labels easily withstood storage conditions in its large fridges.

Raza Nostra needed to print up to 1,500 new labels per day and the entry-level Epson printer had no problem keeping pace, producing 100 labels in just three minutes. 

Flexibility, quality and economy

Raza Nostra’s testing proved the concept of in-house label printing and they bought two Epson printers. Using the printers, the company can now produce exactly what it needs, when it wants, which has dramatically reduced costs and wastage.

Another benefit is that it’s easier for the company to keep up with constantly-changing expiration dates, prices and barcodes.

Furthermore, Raza Nostra now has the flexibility to change its label designs as often as it wants and can print flags and images in full colour. 

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