Zebra ZT411 Desktop Label Printer

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Zebra ZT411 Desktop Label Printer

Zebra’s powerhouse industrial printer, the ZT411 is the medium sized printer between the ZT200 series and the ZT500 series.  The ZT411 is ideally suited to factories and warehouses where speed and durability are important but not critical. 

Speed wise – it’s fast.  The ZT411 is made for steel – which make it durable – but compared to the ZT500 and 600 series printers it’s not as tough.

The flexibility of the ZT411 printer means it can be fitted with different communication options and label cutters or peelers by the end user.

The ZT411 is very fast (14 inches per second – 350mm), faster than the ZT510 and ZT6000. 

Not quite as durable as the ZT510 and ZT600 series, it’s faster and more ‘industrial’ than it’s smaller siblings – the ZT220 and 230 printers. 

This is what you need to know about the Zebra ZT411:

  • Prints nearly 140 standard shipping labels (6″ x 4″)  in a minute.
  • Fitted with a Bluetooth, Ethernet (network) and USB connection to your computer as standard along with wifi and Serial options available.
Zebra ZT411 Colour Touch Screen
  • Colour touch screen panel that’s beautiful and practical – warns you when your printer needs attention and enables you to easily adjust settings.
  • Comes with basic label design software enabling you to design and print labels – but you’ll need to pay extra for software that works with spreadsheets or databases.
  • Prints in Thermal Transfer and Direct thermal modes.  TT prints onto paper, plastic and tags for durable long life labels.
  • Direct Thermal mode for printing direct thermal paper labels for short-life fresh food or shipping labels.
  • 203 dpi with the option of upgrading to the 300dpi or even 600dpi print model for printing 2D barcodes onto tiny labels.
  • It’s equipped with Zebra’s powerful OS-Link software, as all other Zebra printers are (except the ZD200 series).  Security – protection from cyber attacks –  is enhanced, you can mimic other label printer brands’ printer languages, you can print from Android smartphones, you can manage this printer over the web and a number of other features
  • The 104mm (4″) print width – suits 95% of labelling needs (in our experience).
  • Printing and encoding Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels is an option with this printer – either as a factory supplied option or as an upgrade kit if you find you need to print to RFID labels later.
  • Lights inside the case make it easier to load the printer
  • Colour coded cues guide new operators how to change labels, tags and ink ribbons.
  • Label cutter, label peeler and an internal rewinder that can rewind a label of printed labels back inside the body of the printer.
  • Two front USB sockets to plug keyboards and barcode scanners into.
ZT411 Interior Lights
Interior light illuminate the ZT411 printer

We’ve written an article (Service Options for your label printer) about service options for your printer – take a look here.

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ZT411 Products

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Updated 7 Nov 2021


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