Sample Request Form

Sample Request Form

Here is a list of the different samples you can request.  All of our labels are on rolls – we don’t have any samples of sheet labels (though we can quote for sheets of labels).  Samples actually supplied may be different to the images here. 

Look through the list and order through the form below.

High Temperature Sample Labels

High Temperature 250 deg White Gloss Plastic Label

Basic high temperature label.

Suitable up to 250C.  Printed with a resin ribbon.  Permanent adhesive only.

High Temperature Labels - 450 deg

Medium high temperature labels.

Able to cope with temperatures up to 450C.  White sample with black print.

Ultra-high temperature labels 1200 deg

Ultra high temperature label.

Suitable up to 1200C.  Printed with a special resin ribbon.  Permanent adhesive only.

Peel & Reveal Sample Labels

Peel and Reveal label - round

Sample of Peel & Reveal label.

Circular or rectangular, two page peel and reveal label with permanent adhesive.

Biodegradable Sample Labels

Biodegradable Matt Paper

Matt  biodegradable Paper label.

Biodegradable paper label – can be over printed with a thermal transfer ribbon.

Semi-gloss Biodegradable Paper

Semi-gloss Biodegradable Paper labels.

White semi-gloss biodegradable paper label.

Clear Biodegradable Label

Sample of Clear Biodegradable labels.

Clear biodegradable synthetic label printed in colour.

Loop Lock Label and Waterproof Label Samples

White Plastic Loop Lock Labels

White Loop Lock Labels.

White Plastic Loop Lock labels.  You can over print with a resin thermal ribbon.

Orange Plastic Loop Lock Labels

Colour Loop Lock Labels.

Orange plastic loop lock labels.  You can overprint these labels with a resin thermal ribbon.

Card Tag

Card Tags

These card tags are perforated.  They come with a hole punched in it.  Overprint with a thermal transfer ribbon.

Barcode Labels

Waterproof and Scratchproof Plastic Label.

Polypropelene label with permanent adhesive, thermally overprinted with a resin ribbon.

Special Adhesive Sample Labels

Peelable Paper Labels

Peelable Paper Labels.

These matt paper sample labels have peelable or removeable adhesive for gifts and gloss items.

Cryocool Labels

Cryogenic Adhesive Labels.

These labels are made from a gloss polypropylene material for thermal transfer printing.  These labels will remain attached at temperatures down to -196 C.  Moderate resistance to chemicals and solvents.

High Tack Adhesive Matt Plastic label

High Tack Adhesive Matt Polyester labels

Stronger than standard permanent adhesive, these samples have high tack adhesive.  Matt plastic material for printing with thermal printers.

Other Sample Labels

Metallic Over Laminated Label

Metallic Label with Overlaminate

Silver looking label printed in colour and over laminated for durability.

Clear Plastic Label

Clear Polyester Label

Clear Polyester label.  Good resistance to chemicals and is scratchproof when printed with a Resin ribbon.  Not much to see!

Block out labels

Block out labels

Whilst these look grey, they are in fact white matt paper label samples, designed to hide what they are stuck over.

Mark and Seal label

Mark & Seal labels

These plastic sample labels have a surface you can write on with a pen then seal over with a clear durable film.

Booklet Labels - rectangular

Multipage Booklet Labels

Plain white multi-page booklet labels with a clear plastic top page that can be over printed with certain thermal printers.  Contact us for details of which printers.

Round Booklet labels

Demand Jet Gloss Paper

Demand Jet Gloss Paper

A gloss label material for use in a Memjet, Epson or Primera colour inkjet printer. 

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