Sustainable Labels


Sustainable Labels

To compliment our biodegradable labels we can supply you with a couple of different sustainable labels – labels made without wood and water pollution.

These sustainable labels come with standard permanent adhesive.   This material is printable by most printing methods including thermal transfer, though laser printing is not recommended.

We can supply the following sustainable labels: –

  • Rock paper labels (also known as Paper from Waste Marble, Mineral Paper, Rich Mineral Paper, Sustainable Paper or Eco Paper) are – as the name suggests – made from rock – the ultimate sustainable label material.  Our rock labels are made from 80% marble – a bi-product of mining waste where the mable dust and offcuts are ground to a fine dust.  The calcium carbonate (marble is calcium carbonate) is mixed with the kind of plastic you often see – heavy duty polyethylene (HDPE) – again from recycled sources.
    Rock paper labels are durable – being waterpoof, tear proof and grease proof.  These labels comply with food safety standards for direct contacts with dry and moist foodstuffs.
    Unlike paper it doesn’t have a grain but in many other respects resembles paper, but with a smoother finish – due to the absence of wood fibres.  Click the button the right to ask for a sample pack.
  • Grape and apple pulp labels – sustainable labels made from these materials are coming soon!!  Contact us for an expected arrival date.

For more information on any of our products or to place your order please contact a member of our team today.  Alternatively, click the request a sample and we’ll send you over some material to test.

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