Seagull Scientific BarTender 2019 Editions Summary


Seagull Scientific BarTender 2019 Editions Summary

Seagull Scientific recently released BarTender 2019.

What’s different is they now have a free edition of their label design software. The question we often get is: what is included in the Free edition of BarTender 2019?


Supports all document design for a static label layout.  No variable data of any kind or conditional printing.  Limited use of the Administration Console in terms of companion applications.

(This link takes you to an external website where you can download BarTender)


BarTender Data Entry Form
BarTender Data Entry Form

Supports all document design, but the key difference with the free version is that you can connect databases to your labels.  Also includes conditional printing (i.e. if you have the word German in the language field of a database, print the German version of the labels).  Professional includes entering  variable data using a data entry form (see above), weigh scales or a webcam/flatbed scanner etc.


Supports all of the above, plus anything to do with automation such as form actions (i.e. updating a database if a label has printed) and Integration Platform (triggering label printing based on emails, updates from web pages or updates from databases).


All of the above plus document management, printer management (tracking when printers are paused or not working and what blank labels are printed), Print Portal with mobile apps, print job redirection, centralised security (with users given different permissions) with electronic signatures and encryption.


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