Zebra Regional Partner Summit


Zebra Regional Partner Summit

On May 22 Zebra hosted it’s regional partner summit at the Belfry golf resort in Sutton Coldfield, England.

It was a chance to hear Zebra’s strategy for the near future, about their products and learn where they see the market moving to.

They started by telling the assembled resellers how Zebra is performing in the market.  Number one in most parts of the world for hand held terminals, printers and scanners.  Growth is in double digits in most sectors and revenue is up significantly.

A couple of common themes appeared.

Zebra’s DNA concept came up regularly.

This is a suite of software and design philosophies that tie together their hand held terminals and printers.

The rush towards Android powered handheld terminals has begun and Android is replacing Windows Mobile.

Zebra described how its range of terminals outperform the competition in terms of durability and security.

Not much was said about printers. Zebra’s focus is on its handheld terminals.


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