Choosing the right labels for your candles


Choosing the right labels for your candles


Candle-light provides ambient lighting

Originally used as a source of light, candles have been used for over 5,000 years.  More recently, they are a high demand product for home fragrance and gifts.  Candle manufacturing is a fast growing multi million pound industry in the UK alone and shows no signs of slowing down.

If you are one of the many candle companies out there, you will know the importance of dressing your candle to catch the consumers eye.  Candle lovers out there are inundated with choice so it’s up to you to make sure your candle shines bright amongst the competition.  We can help with glorious product labels and chic swing tags.

Brighten up your candle products with foil printed labels.  The foil print looks stylish and eye catching and is available in several striking colours.  Or for a more classic and vintage look, a matt label with subtle pastel colours will be sure to draw attention.

Swing tags are a very contemporary packaging accessory to add to the neck of the candle jar, votive or lantern.  These tags can really set off your product and pack a punch when attracting consumers.  From a brown craft card tag for that rustic impression to silk white card for a luxurious style, plus several stringing options, we can create the perfect tag for your candle product.  We can also provide you with your barcode labels to stick to the tag.  To find out more about barcode labels click here

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To make sure your consumers are protected, the current law that applies to the safety of goods is The General product Safety Regulation (GPSR).  Although there are no specific laws that relate directly to candles, you will need to adhere to the European Standards.  These standards will give guidance as to how safety with candles might be achieved.  If your product needs extensive information for your consumers, a peel and reveal label might be a good option for you.  These labels can be up to five pages and can include caution symbols, ingredients and warnings.  If you need more than five pages, you will need a multipage or booklet label.  These are a neat way of encompassing several pages of information and applying it to the lid or base of your product.


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