Double Sided Adhesive Labels and Stickers


Double Sided Adhesive Labels and Stickers

The fantastic relationship we build with our clients usually start with a question from them; Can you help me with this?

‘This’ has meant a variety of different problems over the years, from fixing a printer error to creating a bespoke label.  Our technical team here at Expert Labels love to flex their muscles and get stuck in and to find a solution.  Some can be resolved with a phone call, others a visit.

Some time ago we were asked if we can provide a solution to an unusual label problem…

The client had unique label application equipment that needed to work with a specialised label; double sided adhesive labels.  They used these labels to attach promotional gifts for their customers.  The label was stuck to the product and the top of the label was left exposed, ready for the next stage of adding the promotional gift.  The problem the client found was that this double sided adhesive label was not readily available.  Enter Expert Labels!  Our technical team worked hard to find a suitable backing (web) material that was compatible with the existing application equipment.  Our fabulous production team were able to create a label with adhesive on both sides that worked with the client’s existing application equipment and processes.  We also provided the client with these twin sided adhesive stickers on large rolls, 11,000 labels per roll!

Double Sided Adhesive Labels

These labels are a fantastic tool to use to attach lightweight promotional gifts and giveaways on your products or marketing material.  Call us on 01359 271 111 or email

If you are experiencing a label issue and need help, come to us!  Our staff constantly pool  their knowledge and experience together to make a friendly, efficient and helpful service for you, our customers.



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