Making your product beautiful with Swing Tags


Making your product beautiful with Swing Tags

Swing tags, or swing tickets, come in all shapes, sizes, thickness, colours and materials. Choosing the right ticket for your product can feel overwhelming, but that’s where we can help! Read on to find out more about swing tickets and how we can help you.

Swing tags can really set the tone for the product you’re selling.  From rustic and charming to elegant and luxurious, your swing tag can be made to suit your product and strengthen your product awareness in the marketplace.

Swing tag
Swing Tags can make your product stand out

The first thing you will need to think about is what style of swing tag (or swing ticket) will match your products.  If you’re a vintage clothing shop, a brown craft card with jute string will give a rugged and down to earth vibe.  A high end gift shop might want a more finished and classic tag such as a thick, crisp white card, custom shaped with a nickel eyelet and a beautiful ribbon.  Both of these could be printed both sides with a colour or even a foil effect.  The possibilities are endless!  Once you have decided on the material and print colours, you can choose from many stringing options such as elastic, ribbon and string.

Fancy adding a final touch? Eyelets are a truly eye catching detail to add to your swing tag.  Choose from nickel or brass to make your ticket really stand out.


Need your swing tag to be tough and functional? No problem.  Waterproof PVC or our superbly robust Tyvek are brilliant options.  Again, both of these materials can be printed both sides and strung to suit your needs.  Many of our customers choose to use a brass or nickel eyelet to strengthen the drill hole and a strong cord or elastic stringing.

Swing tag

We can also provide health and safety tickets for you.  This can be anything from warning messages to maintenance tags.  We can provide these tags on bright coloured card, PVC or Tyvek and with washered drill holes to minimise the chance of tearing.  We also hold all of the standard health and safety symbols and graphics you may need.

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