High Temperature Heat Proof Labels and Tags


High Temperature Heat Proof Labels and Tags

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Heat resistant or high temperature labels and tags are labels (or tags) that can be used at temperatures up to 1250 degrees C. 

Typical uses include tracking metal products, use in ovens for food items, products through an autoclave process, ceramics and sanitary ware.

They come in different colours and finishes (gloss, silver metallic etc.). 

All can be pre-printed with a logo and text and can be overprinted with variable information such as serial numbers, batch codes or barcodes.

Not All High Temperature Labels are the Same

Applying Heatproof labels
Some labels need special applicators

High temperature labels (sometimes known as heat resistant or heatproof stickers) have different characteristics and won’t all perform the same way. 

For example, some label materials can withstand prolonged high temperatures whilst others will only work at high temperatures for short periods. 

Not all labels can be applied at high temperatures and thought needs to be given to how much rubbing or abrasion is likely to be encountered.

Heat resistant labels may also need to survive multiple reheating cycles. 

Another thing to bear in mind is how the labels are applied.  Some ultra-high temperature labels need special applicators. 

Finally, thermal transfer ribbons (inks) need to be carefully matched to the label and need to be tested.  For expert advice on what labels, tags and ribbons work best, and for a sample thermal transfer ribbon, contact us here. 

How much would I pay for High Temperature Labels?

Heat resistant labels are specialist products and in the case of labels needing to survive over 350 Deg C, tend to be expensive compared to standard labels.  Bear in mind the hidden costs of mis-identifying high value items, which can run into thousands of pounds, expect to pay around £1 per label or tag for labels to survive in the ultra-high temperature ranges.

We’ve written an article helping you to set your label budget – take a look here.

Luckily, with more than 20 years experience using label and tag design software, we’re able to help you optimise the design of your labels, minimise wasted label space and ultimately reduce the cost of your high temperature labels and tags.

Keen to Test Some Labels?

In order to help you make the right decision and choose the best value labels for your project, we’re able to provide UK-based companies with samples for testing. 

Click the button below or contact us with as much information (including photos if possible) about your project as you can. 

If your project is commercially sensitive, we’re happy to sign an NDA.

Test them on your products and under your conditions.  

We can then send you some suitable sample material (if you are located in the UK).

Testing high temperature labels
Testing tags at 1000 Deg C

High Temperature Label Products

Material Type Temperature range Details
Treated Polyester labelsup to 250CThese labels, in gloss or matt can applied by hand and printed with a standard thermal transfer printer using a matched resin grade ribbon.

They can be printed in colour with logos and in a wide range of sizes.

These labels come in a range of specification suitable for different temperature ranges.
Polyimide adhesive labelsUp to 350C These labels can be applied by hand and are suitable for exposure to temperatures up to 350C for short periods.

The labels can be printed with a standard thermal transfer printer using a matched resin grade ribbon.
Aluminium foil base adhesive with inorganic topcoatup to 600CThis is an aluminium base material with a smudge proof inorganic coating and with a silicone adhesive for application at temperatures between room temperature and 450C.

A Special application method is needed.

This label has a thermal transfer topcoat and can be printed onto using a specialist thermal transfer ribbon.

Whilst this label can be stuck at temperatures up to 450C, it can withstand exposure to temperatures up to 600C.
Ceramic coated polymer film adhesive labelsUp to 1250CThese labels are specially made to order. They are designed to be stuck to metal, ceramic and glass surfaces.

They can be thermal transfer printed to give a permanent and durable image - resistant to chemicals, heat, shock and scratching. These specialist labels are heat resistant up to 1250 Deg C.

You are able to print onto them, with a specialist high grade resin based thermal ribbon.

Applying these labels needs a special technique.

There is a lead time of up to six weeks for these labels - and they come in limited sizes.

Availability of Heat Resistant labels

High temperature label on Alumina ceramic material
High Temp label after 24hrs at 1200C

Many of our heat resistant labels, when combined with an approved thermal ink ribbon are automotive and UL approved.

Please remember, high temperature and heatproof labels are specialist labels and are not widely available.   There are a limited number of label dimensions available from stock.  Many of the ultra high temperature product has a six week lead time and comes in limited roll widths.

Please contact us to see what is available from stock.

Additionally we can make to order and over print for you,  but please bear in mind, whilst we are able to supply smaller quantities than most of our competitors, these high temperature materials are high cost and generally have minimum order quantities of at least 1000 labels.

Tell us about your labelling project – please contact us to tell us more.

High Temperature and Heat Resistant Labels – Questions to Answer:

  • Why are the labels or tags being applied? (traceability, stock control or tracking)
  • What is the maximum temperature your label needs to survive?  For how long?
  • At what temperature will your label be applied?
  • Does the label or tag need to be heated and cooled many times?
  • What material will the label be attached to?
  • Will it be rubbed?
  • Will any chemicals be applied to the label?
  • What needs to be printed on the label?
  • How will the labels be applied to the item?

If you need high temperature labels, speak to one of our labelling experts today call 01359 271 111. Alternatively, if you are UK based, please request a sample pack by filling in the sample request form or email us from our contact us page.  Not all the label materials are available as samples.

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